Best new start-up businesses to get involved in post COVID-19

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Can’t Keep Up With Your Boss? Start Your Own Business

COVID-19 certainly made the world a different place when it swept across the globe – and as it still remains prevalent in a number of countries.

Lockdowns and restrictions were brought into place across various countries across all the continents that saw many go without work for a number of months, whilst some were unfortunate enough to lose their main income altogether as they were made redundant from their roles as the pandemic crippled businesses and industries as a whole.

Some have embraced unprecedented opportunity by COVID-19

Nonetheless, the break from normal working life will have been welcomed by some, whilst there will have been others who would have been able to make the most of an unprecedented opportunity – if you can call it that – as they will have been able to stand still and have a think about their next career moves. Others might have used the time to come across new hobbies and passions, though, with the likes of w88 seeing a spike in usage over recent months.

Of course, much of the workforce would take on temporary roles to help key industries continue to work as efficiently and effectively as possible, however many also took the time to think of a way to start-up a new business and perhaps have a career-change.

So, what are the best possible start-up businesses people can get involved in post COVID-19?

Well, there are an abundance of options and some are a lot easier to get started than it might have first been thought of. With much of the world having to work from home, some employees are now getting the luxury that they would have wanted when they were working from their company office.

Freelance in skills already acquired

For those that want to enjoy the remote working life, then taking up a role as a content producer or a digital marketer, for example, could be a great business start-up. Although you would need to have the skills to write and perhaps produce compelling graphics, these types of roles can all be completed from the comfort of the home.

Teaching a certain skill that may have been picked up through employment with someone else, or via the use of a hobby, can also be a good way to start a new business from home, with a website and a video conferencing call application likely to be the only things needed to share the passion with someone else.

Of course, these roles all fall under a ‘freelancing’ category, which will have thrived due to the COVID-19 pandemic and will likely only continue to grow in the future as businesses look to cut out unnecessary costs and perhaps look to slash wages by means of cutting people’s commute to office buildings.

Find a Niche for an E-Commerce Store

With more time being spent online because more time is essentially being spent at home, setting up an e-commerce site could also be another viable option for many. Home delivery for a variety of products surged during the lockdown period and physical shop numbers always appear to be on the decline.

With people taking to the digital age more and more, e-commerce could certainly be the future as it continues to have the potential to be even bigger than it already is at the moment. Amazon certainly showed the way throughout the COVID-19 period and if a niche can be found, then there is no reason as to why a start-up business could be as well.

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Samantha Acuna is a writer based in San Francisco, CA. Her work has been featured in The Huffington Post,, and Yahoo Small Business.