Best jobs if you’re good with your hands

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Fed up of being stuck in the office? Looking for a more hands-on career? Don’t worry; there are plenty of job opportunities for people that are good with their hands. From building things to dealing cards, you can use your dexterity to make a living. Here are the best jobs if you’re good with your hands:


Carpentry is a career that has been around for thousands of years. However, in recent years it’s had a bit of a renaissance with more people wanting hand-made furniture. As a carpenter, you can work for a larger company or set up shop on your own. However, it’s probably worth working as an apprentice for a while to sharpen your skills.

Casino dealer

Casino dealers have amazing dexterity. They have to smoothly and accurately shuffle and deal the cards to players without making any mistakes. They also have to know the rules of the game inside out. To become a casino dealer, you will have to go on a training course first. But to start with, it might be worth sharpening your gambling knowledge at the best online slots Canada has to offer.


Chefs and bakers are some of the most highly skilled people out there. The knowledge and practice it takes to become a master in the kitchen are pretty insane. If you’re serious about this line of work, you need to start practicing right away. You can learn a lot on YouTube, but you will need some practical experience as well.


With just about everything in our homes running on electricity, it’s no surprise that electricians make a good living. Again, like most trades, you have the choice of working for a big company or setting up shop on your own. This gives you the flexibility to be your own boss if that’s what you’re looking for.


Becoming a barber is something that requires a lot of practice. Not only do you have to learn the technical aspect of the job, but you also have to sharpen your small talk skills. These days, there’s a lot of money in hair, especially with beards becoming more popular in recent years.

Massage therapist

Another way to put your dexterity to good use is to become a massage therapist. Depending on where you work, being a massage therapist can be a rewarding job with plenty of financial remuneration. However, you will have to be highly skilled to make the big bucks.


Working with vehicles and engines requires a lot of specialist knowledge. Mechanics spend a lot of their time problem-solving, and they also need to be good with their hands. However, don’t expect to come home every night with perfectly clean hands. Oil can be a real pain to get off.

Sign language interpreter

Learning sign language is one of the most underrated ways to use your hands. Becoming fluent will take a while, but it will open you up to a whole new world of opportunity. Plus, by helping deaf people, you will be giving something back to the community.