Best business credit cards without a personal guarantee

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Businesses come at a price, and a credit card can help cover it. It is useful and effective both for large and middle (or small) businesses.

The most important difference between credit and corporate cards is limited opportunities for transactions. Credit cards have much higher limits, and this makes it possible not only to solve all financial issues on a daily basis but also to cover vast expenses. In addition, start-up business credit cards without personal guarantee allow you to manage not only the company’s funds but also the bank credit limit.

Separation of private and business settlements

If the company has its own credit cards, its users and employees do not need to use their means of payment and personal finances for business needs. These cards can be used to pay for fuel, office supplies or taxi services, as well as shopping and business lunch. That’s why the company’s affairs do not involve the employee’s finances.

Further, this greatly facilitates the expense report and generalization for both accounting and employees. Accounting also does not need to prepare advance settlement documentation or keep cash on it.

However, it is important to remember that business credit cards without personal guarantee can only be used to cover expenses related to business, and the accounting should be able to account for them to regulatory authorities, as well as justify the use of funds.

Control, trust, and confidence

A business credit card not only provides employees with everything they need to perform their duties but also makes it easier for management to control the spendings. However, the process of acquisition of the business credit card is a matter of mutual trust, which must be inspired throughout the whole period of business relationships.

Link several additional cards to the credit card account for several employees, each with a fixed limit for monthly expenses and withdrawal. You must admit that customer service staff feels more comfortable when they can pay a bill for a client and not worry about how to inform accounting about that and ask for a refund.

Indispensable support on a business trip

If the business involves frequent business trips outside the country, you should find out whether there are any options for the convenient and rapid organization of such trips if the company does not have a credit card. A credit card is both a guarantee when booking a hotel or leasing car, and the best way to apply for participation in the conference with maximum convenience, as well as to reserve tickets.

Also, the card is the best solution to cover day-to-day expenses during a business trip, especially in different currency payments because they are automatically converted.

Bonuses for business

Most of the credit card companies give the opportunity to get various bonuses, and this applies not only to legal bodies but also to businesses. Discounts may be offered, for example, for the purchase of any specific equipment or tickets.

In addition, a business credit card, as well as one issued to legal bodies, can simultaneously serve as a travel insurance policy, which covers the costs of medical services, as well as costs on restoring passport and luggage. It can also make a great deal to you if you are late for a flight. Therefore, you no longer have to purchase travel insurance for each individual trip of your employees.

Survive in times of troubles

Every business goes through hardship when affairs are not going well, or cash flow is slightly shallower. In this case, start up business credit cards without personal guarantee can be of great use. It backs urgent purchases of equipment as long as you handle your difficulties. Also, it pays all suppliers, so that their activities are at a steady pace and the provision of services to the customers is steady.

A positive credit rating of the company

If your company has small business credit cards without personal guarantee, you use it for urgent expenses, which increases the credit rating of your company. This is important because it ensures the bank backing in the future. In case of purchasing a car or establishing an open space, you will need to get a loan. The positive credit history of the company makes it attractive to creditors. A thoughtful approach to expenses creates a company’s face. In addition, the fact that the company can cover its expenses and trusted finances indicates the development of the business, which also makes it attractive and perspective to potential partners and investors.

The prestigious card will emphasize your status

For those who, having achieved success, want to highlight their commercial success, business executives and top managers alongside the largest banks have developed exclusive premium payment card collection that both provide premium options and emphasize the good position.

Thus, premium class secured business credit cards without personal guarantee provide increased or unlimited credit limit, a low-interest rate, a long grace period, free service under certain conditions, as well as cashback, accrual of interest on the positive account balance and issue of additional cards for family members.

Prestigious credit cards have an original design (many of them are encrusted with precious stones) and allow you to make contactless payments. In addition, the premium credit card owner can visit lounges of the largest airports, enjoy exclusive discounts and special offers of the bank and payment system partners around the world. Ultimately, it provides insurance program and assistance in emergency situations abroad.

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