Bedroom Paint Ideas

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Getting your bedroom painted is an inexpensive way to personalize its style. Choosing the right color might become a daunting task as color plays an important part in determining the mood of your place. Once you have decided the color, it’s about time that you turn your bedroom into an exotic style statement.

You can paint any spots from the walls to ceiling, depending upon your choice. You can paint in distinct styles to make your bedroom look more appealing and welcoming. Painters can Calgary help you define the style of your bedroom by painting it the way you just want!

The following are some painting and decor ideas for your room which are going to welcome hundreds of warm compliments from others.

Gray walls with molding

Gray walls are one trend to go with. They make your room feel more spacious and vast. You can add depth to your walls in rectangular form or any shape before painting too if you want to feel more adventurous. Gray wall with molding on can make the room look extremely sophisticated. Gray is a well-known neutral color to go for your bedroom. It provides a nice backdrop for any paintings you wish to hang on your walls.

Painting the ceiling

Painting the bedroom ceiling creates visual interest. For an even bolder look, you can paint in your wall in a strip-like pattern that goes continuously up to the ceiling. It creates a canopy effect in your room. You can choose black color for painting strips. Black is not the color most of the people go with but that’s what makes it an exotic pick. It makes your bedroom look dramatic and unique. Black walls make a strong statement.

Metallic wall painting

Metallic walls add a warm and soothing effect to your room if it’s naturally dark. They require many coats to settle down but once they are done, the effect is worth all time and costs that covered it.

You can find metallic paints almost everywhere. They are easy to use and apply.

Beige color with a lighting effect

Beige color is a symbol of simplicity and elegance. The classiness it creates is further fueled by adding lighting effects to your walls. A wall dimmer switch is a simple DIY project that makes a huge impact in a room. Dimmers are not expensive at all and aid in creating the right lighting in your room according to your room. Provided if your walls are painted beige, it further adds a warming effect to your room. Many people populate their room with various colors of white. A beige painted room is especially loved by people who are not fond of vibrant colors and want a minimalist look for their room.

Colors play a crucial part in making your place feel luxury even with minimal resources. So choose your color wisely!

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