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How Important Is Leadership? More Important Than You May Think!

There is a lot to be said about management and leadership, as well as how power is derived in organizations. You may be surprised at just how important it is

The Seven Habits of Highly Effective Businesses

In a recent small business study, seven key factors emerged from the results that help us to understand why some SMBs are succeeding while others continue to struggle. Take a look at the findings here

Can You Live the Dream of Self-Employment As a Franchisee?

Becoming self-employed is a dream for many, however, what about pursing that dream through franchising

5 Tips for Connecting With Your Customers

Today’s wired world requires many businesses and organizations to have an online presence. With a screen in between many communications seem to have lost their personal touch. Use these great tips to learn how to connect personally with your customers without face-to-face contact.

4 Tips to Build Morale in Your Small Business

An investment entrepreneurial leaders must make is to build morale in the team. Here are 4 easy and effective tips to build morale:

7 Great Communication Tips for Mobile Professionals

Freelancers do not have to compromise on professional tools when working outside the confines of a traditional office. Here are 7 great tips to keep you looking like a pro in the eyes of your clients.

PROFILE: One Franchisee’s Success Story

Entrepreneurs have to get creative and take risks to make it in today's world. Here is the story of how one Blimpies franchisee is doing it right.

Fund Your Business the Creative Way

Due to lean lending times, alternative funding options have emerged for small businesses. Read on and learn about the benefits of revenue-based financing.

Asset Control Basics

Products and assets, whether tangible or intangible, may be your most costly investment, and they must be tracked so as to not get misplaced.

PROFILE: How One Mompreneur Turned Her Self-Employment Dreams Into Reality

How One Mompreneur Turned Her Self-Employment Dreams Into Reality

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