Steve Strauss

Senior small business columnist at USA TODAY and author of 15 books, including The Small Business Bible, Steve is your host here at

Why This Is The Greatest Time EVER To Be An Entrepreneur

This is the greatest time in human history to be an entrepreneur and own your own business. The main reason is that

Episode 18: Bad Customer Service

What do so many small businesses brag about, but so few do well? Steve talks about good and bad customer service and interviews Barbara...

Episode 17: Startups At Any Age

Steve discusses the fundamentals of starting a business, and interviews Craig Stern of SOLO Eyewear, who started his unique business before graduating college.

The Secret Ingredient To Long-Term Business Success

What is your recipe for consistent business success? If you don't have one, you need one. Here's how to create a reliable money-making recipe

Web 2.0 For The Self-Employed

Think your business doesn't need a cool, beautiful, interesting website? Think again. Learn about what you can do to create a better, more compelling site.

Episode 16: Law school for Entrepreneurs

Steve is a recovering lawyer, and he interviews Clint Costa, a practicing lawyer in Chicago who teaches a class for entrepreneurs that covers issues...

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