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Why Freelancers Should Consider Getting Insured

Along with the satisfaction of being self-employed, freelancing comes with many freedoms. You provide a specific set of services as an independent contractor to...

Music as a Profession: The 5 Stages of Music Production

Who wouldn't want to be a rock star? Ah, but becoming a professional musician isn't as easy as it looks! Nevertheless, with a plan,...

Bitcoin for late entrants: What do I need to know?

What exactly is a Bitcoin? The Bitcoin is currently the best known crypto currency - and therefore a digital means of payment. At the same...

The Top Startup Business Mistakes to Avoid

We live in a world dominated by the startup entrepreneur. As a growing number of individuals are seeking life outside of the traditional work...

Why The Cloud Should be The Self-Employed’s Best Friend

The cloud, the cloud . . . what does it mean if you are self-employed?

Cloud Computing 101 for the Self-Employed

If you are an entrepreneur and not using cloud computing you are missing out on a tremendous opportunity to boost business growth.

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