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Top 10 Bookkeeping Mistakes by Small Businesses

Bookkeeping is at the heart of a company's success, and errors can cost the company significantly. Here are 10 of the most common errors that you want to avoid
Patent 101

Intellectual Property Rights and Patents 101

To help you get on the right track of protecting your next great idea take a look at the following breakdown of intellectual property rights and patents

10 Legitimate Ways to Save Money on Taxes

There are plenty of legitimate ways to decrease your small business tax burden within the framework of the law. Here are a few you can consider

The Stress-Free Home Office

Working for yourself can bring a fair amount of stress to your life. You can control various factors within your office that can help minimize this stress and improve your productivity with these tips

Dealing With Insurance Companies After a Disaster

The actual disaster is only half of the equation. Recovering is the other. Take some advice with lessons learned from a Texas food vendor who discovered first-hand how to deal with insurance companies during disaster recovery.
Protect Your Idea

10 Steps to Protect Your Great Idea

Got a great idea? Follow these steps first to make sure it's protected

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