Barbara Winter


6 Ways to Take Your Entrepreneurial Spirit on a Journey

Those who love to travel also have a tendency to become self-employed. Indulge your entrepreneurial spirit with any of these great journeys

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Are all of the work from home opportunities being advertised really on the up and up? Find out what scams you should be watching for

Say Thanks For Your Mistakes

When you are self-employed, when you run your own business, mistakes are inevitable. But learning from them is not. But that is where the gold is

The Difference Between Motivation and Inspiration & How to Use It...

Inspired entrepreneurs create inspiring businesses that inspire those who interact with them. Are you willing

How to Create a Home Office That Inspires

Learn the tricks to creating a great home office by tapping in to your most creative side. Read on and let your imagination guide you

25 Books I Could Never Part With

What books can't you live without? In this post, author Barbara Winter shares her list

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