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INFOGRAPHIC: Why Women Are Choosing Self-Employment

Increasingly, women are choosing a third path -- not being stay-at-home moms, not taking the career track, many are now choosing self-employment. Why? There are many reasons

INFOGRAPHIC: How Are Small Businesses Using Mobile?

Are you using mobile marketing and other tools for your business? Are other small business owners? Find out

To Groupon Or Not To Groupon, That Is The Question

Is Groupon a good idea for your business? Maybe, but maybe not. Here's why

10 Things You Must Know Before You Pitch To An Investor

The "Pitch Coach" shares his secrets

Gorgeous Portland Oregon

Finding Portland from Uncage the Soul Productions on Vimeo. (photo credit:

VIDEO: How To Keep Customers Coming Back Again And Again

How do you keep customers coming back again and again? In this video, Steve speaks with some successful small business owners who have learned a few secrets and share them with you

VIDEO: The Most Epic Petra Video Ever

One of the wonders of the world - experience Petra

Get Out of the Garage! The Surprising Lessons of Silicon Valley...

In this guest blog, author and serial entrepreneur Victor Hwang explains how the self-employed can learn from what the Silicon Valley does right such as

TAKE THE QUIZ: Will Your Customers Stay, or Will they Go?

Your customers: Will they stay or will they go? If they stay there may be trouble, but if they go there will be double!

VIDEO: Entrepreneurs, Time to Spring Clean Your Website!

(c) 2009 still on that website of yours? Get with the times, amigo! Spring cleaning your website impresses all and generates more business for the self-employed, freelancer, and small business owner

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