Attorney Lead Generation: How to Acquire More Law Firm Leads

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There are over 440,000 law firms in the United States. Every day, a lawyer somewhere is setting up a law firm.

As a law firm owner, there are two ways to slice these stats. The legal industry is thriving, which is why more lawyers are entering private practice. But this also means competition for clients is getting fierce.

Depending on your specific region and field of legal practice, there could be cutthroat competition. Just imagine running a corporate and commercial law firm in New York City.

This is why smart owners invest in attorney lead generation. Continue reading to learn how to acquire more law firm leads.

Create a Proper Law Firm Website

Fast disappearing is the days when a person looking for legal services could hit the streets and hop from law firm to law firm. These days, most people who want the services of a lawyer or law firm start their search online.

Is your law firm visible online?

If you know nothing about how online lead generation works, you’d be forgiven for thinking having a law firm website alone is enough to bring clients to your firm. After all, you’re a lawyer, not a search engine optimization specialist.

The thing is you need to build a proper law firm website; one that’s not only user friendly but also optimized for search engines. This way, the website will have a good chance of showing up on the first page of search engine results when a prospective client uses the web to find a lawyer.

Invest in Content Marketing

Creating a search-engine friendly website is just one aspect of improving your law firm’s online visibility. Another important aspect is content.

You see, the modern consumer of legal services doesn’t want to hire a lawyer as a first step –unless it’s an urgent situation. They want to know more about the legal issue they’re facing so they can then go to a lawyer from an informed perspective.

This is where content marketing comes in.

You need to ensure that your law firm is providing the digital content that your target consumer might be looking for.

For instance, if your firm specializes in personal injury cases, your prospective clients will be looking to learn about the various types of injury cases, average settlement amounts for these cases…generally all the legal issues around injury cases.

Create a legal blog where you can post regularly about such topics. A blog not only helps you educate and inform your target audience but can also boost your website’s search engine ranking.

Consider Working with an Attorney Lead Generation Service

Lead generation, whether online or offline, isn’t an easy task when you lack trained hands. Plus, as a lawyer, you want to focus on legal work.

Instead of waiting for your lead generation efforts to yield fruit, you can work with a company that sells law firm leads. These companies have the technology to generate quality leads, which means you’ll be getting linked to people who’re serious about hiring a lawyer.

Put These Attorney Lead Generation Tips to Use

Law firms offer essential services in our society, but competition for clients can be stiff. And without clients, your firm will collapse. Lucky for you, you can give your firm a fighting chance by putting these attorney lead generation tips to use.

Keep reading our blog for more lead generation and conversion tips.

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