5 Reasons Why You Might Be a Bad Boss

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    If you think there aren’t many bad bosses out there, think again. Sure, the idea of a horrible boss rings true with enough individuals that widely-acclaimed film Horrible Bosses was a national hit. Having said that, do you know what’s almost worse than having a horrible boss? The simple notion that you might be a horrible boss.

    Research conducted by Global Resources Consultants reveals five negative traits that are universally hated in a boss. Let’s take a look at what these are.

    You’re Impatient

    You might be impatient if…

    • You “walk and talk” to employees and they lose their breath just trying to keep up.
    • You can’t wait the 30 seconds it takes for your microwavable meal to heat up.
    • You’re already at the bottom of this blog post because you couldn’t wait to read all five characteristics.

    You’re a Know-It-All

    Believe it or not, more people dislike know-it-all bosses more than impatient bosses. You might be a know-it-all if:

    • You can’t resist the urge to top an employee’s story with your own little anecdotes.
    • Employees frequently glaze over their eyes when you’re talking.
    • Your first thought on reading this is, “Well, I do know it all.”

    You’re Overly Critical

    You might be overly critical if…

    • Employees rarely look happy during or after interacting with you.
    • You consistently raise your voice.
    • You never catch your employees “being good” (you fail to give employees a compliment on a job well done).

    You’re Disorganized

    Disorganization is the number one complaint of Generation Z employees, which makes it the number-one complaint among Gen Z workers. Gen Z employees, many of whom are in entry-level positions, might be less able to overcome the craziness of a disorganized boss.

    You might be disorganized if…

    • You haven’t seen the top of your desk in years.
    • You use a significant amount of sticky notes and they’re all over your desk.
    • You call an all-hands meeting and then forget why.


    Being a micromanager is, without a doubt, the most-hated trait a boss can have. Employees at every level say a micromanager is the worst type of boss to have.

    You might be a micromanager if . . .

    • You frequently follow up with employees on job duties frequently (more than once a day).
    • You frequently find yourself standing over an employee’s workstation to monitor them.
    • You’ve asked employees to redo work just because it’s not the way you would do it.