Are Notebooks Useful In Business Meetings?

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Notebooks or journals are used by school students for taking class notes or by the artists for  doodling their thoughts at work. Notebooks have always been a place where one gets to have fun while also doing their work. Journals have also been used since times unmemorable for taking copious amounts of notes when it comes to business meetings. But it’s not all scribbling in a nicely bound leather cover when it comes to taking notes in a meeting. Here’s what those handmade leather journals are used for:

Helps helps in remembering

What’s so different about taking notes in leather journal, isn’t it all the same? This is a question many ask. Sure you will be writing it down on a piece of paper anyway but a handmade leather journal stands out even there. When you take notes in an ordinary notebook then there’s a high chance you will forget what it was all about. This will result in the ordinary notebook lying in one corner of your house. But a handmade leather bound journal will draw attention and will remind you of its presence. Thus, ensuring that you don’t forget about the notes you have taken.

Prevents you from getting judged

There are bosses who don’t like seeing paper bound notebooks in meetings. While it may not be the case everywhere but many people have complained of being unimpressed on seeing a ordinary notebook. This is because many think that the cost of your notebook equals your enthusiasm for work. While it may be a weird equation to head for, many do believe in it. So, a leather bound notebook will allow you to stand apart from the crowd and perhaps even gain some appreciation from your boss.

Doodling isn’t just for having some fun

We have all been in boring meetings and the urge to just doodle is immense during those moments. Doodling lets your imagination go wild and it keeps your mind occupied as well. There is no better place to take notes or to doodle when your heart wants to than in a notebook.

Where can you get handmade leather bound journals?

There is only answer to the question- Olpr. Getting a handmade leather journal by OLPR will ensure that you get the very best. Here’s some reasons why you should get it from them:

  • At olpr you will find leather notebooks of various colours of red, black, yellow and green. But it won’t be just these colours splashed on the leather cover. The colours will be stylized, bolded and darkened to make sure the leather notebook feels like a regal thing. Some examples of notebooks found here are:
  • Dublin Moleskine Cahier Journal Cover Natural
  • Moleskine Cahier Journal Cover Blue Ink
  • Moleskine Cahier Journal Cover with Engraving
  • Dublin Moleskine Journal Cover Black and more.
  • You will find the handmade leather notebooks in various sizes. So if you want a big one then that’s possible as well.
  • The quality at olpr is unmatched. Each handmade leather journal is unique and has been crafted with a lot of care. So you can rest assured that yours is one of a kind in the world.
  • Most of the leather journals are just outer sleeves so you can refill the pages whenever you want. This will ensure that you can keep the beloved leather cover for years to come.

Handmade leather journals make you look purposeful and regal. These things are costly but they allow you to flaunt it in style as well. So now you can stride in a business meeting with confidence, holding something different than the ordinary.

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