Accidents Happen: What You Need To Do When Involved In One

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A mishap can happen to anyone on the road, even to you too. Most people tend to not know what to do when a road incident occurs. Instead of getting angry or losing your focus, you can handle the situation in a number of mature ways. Learn below the different things you can do when something involving you and your vehicle goes wrong on the road:


The first thing you should do when you meet with a car accident on the road is to stop driving immediately. In fact, it is a criminal offense if you should drive away from the scene of an accident that involves the vehicle you are driving and another car or person on the road. Even if the accident is a minor one, it is best that you stop your vehicle and wait until the police get there.

See if anyone is injured and how you can help

Assuming that you are able to walk after having a car accident on the road, after stopping your vehicle, you should see if the person in the other car is injured. If the person is injured badly, you should do everything in your power to help him or her. Take for example: if the car he or she is driving is on fire and the person is trapped inside, try finding a way to get him or her out of the vehicle. In addition, if the person happens to be badly injured, you can remove him or her from the vehicle and lay the person down somewhere safe until help comes along.

Protect the scene

When a road accident happens, it is not unusual to see a crowd quickly gathering at the scene. This can put them in danger for other passing autos to hit them as well as they can destroy evidence. Therefore, when you meet with an accident, you can help protect the scene by keeping the area free of people. Another way you can protect the scene is by putting up flares at the spot so other motorists passing by won’t hit your automobile or the other person involved in the crash vehicle. You can also turn your flashers on to warn motorists to be cautious as they approach the scene. Act wisely by protecting the accident scene until the police arrive.

Get in touch with the police

Apart from calling an ambulance to assist injured persons involved in the accident, you should also call the police as well. This goes the same as well; even if there is no serious injury to anyone you should still call the police so they can visit the scene and carry out their investigation. In fact, calling the police to be at the accident scene can work in your favor because you might need to put in a claim for insurance afterward.

Be honest and relate everything to the police

On the arrival of the police to the scene of the accident, make sure to assist in the investigation as best as you can. Relate to the police what really happened without exaggerating anything or including a false statement as this can work against you in the end if you are not careful. If you have any unseen injury, let the police know right away. If you are unsure about whether or not you are injured, let the cops know that as well since an injury can present itself days after the accident happens.

Take pictures

At the scene of the accident, make sure to take as many pictures as you can. Take photos of both or any amount of damaged vehicles involved in the accident and store those pictures in a safe place so you can have them to use when the time comes to file for a claim or if the matter should end up in court. However, while taking pictures make sure to not interfere with the police investigation. If you are unable to snap pictures while the investigation is going on, wait until the police are through investigating and then go ahead and take your pictures.

Consult your lawyer

If you find yourself in a road accident, make sure to consult your lawyer as soon as possible for legal counsel. The professionals at stressed out the importance of having a lawyer that will protect your rights to the end and will stop at nothing until you receive just compensation. A lawyer will handle any legal issues pertaining to your personal injury case so you can concentrate on getting on with your health. Take for example; after a car crash on the road involving your motor vehicle, an injury dispute might occur where you may sue the person for damages done to you or the person might sue you instead. Either way you will need the services of a personal injury lawyer to assist you in getting a favorable decision handed down to you.

Report the accident to your insurance company

When you meet in an accident on the road, make sure to notify your insurance company as soon as possible. Report the facts to them just as the accident happened. In fact, if you notify your insurance company as soon as the accident happens and the scene is still fresh, some companies will immediately send their own investigator to the accident location to carry out an investigation. When you report the accident, ask if your car insurance plan covers medical as well.

Exchange information

As an accident occurs, make sure to collect all relevant information and keep them in a safe place, at least until all the investigation is completed and when everything is over such as any court case arising from the accident. Information such as names, car license plate number/s and telephone numbers of people involved in the accident should be collected by you. In addition, you can also collect names and telephone numbers of any witnesses present at the scene just in case you have to call on them if there is a court case concerning the accident taking place. Obtain all the information you can from the other driver involved in the accident.

Seek medical attention

If you should pick up an injury caused by the accident, you should seek medical attention at the nearest medical facility or at your private doctor. Still, though, if you are not sure you are injured you should still go ahead and have a medical checkup as some injuries can take time to surface after an accident. No matter how minor the accident was, it’s still worth your time to consult a doctor. A simple spinal cord injury can cause havoc later on in your life. Additionally, a mild concussion can cause behavioral changes to take place in your life. Therefore, it’s better to seek medical help after an accident, so you don’t experience any negative reactions later on in life.

Knowing what to do when a collision takes place on the road that involves you and someone else is necessary so you can protect yourself from losses and at the same time claim benefits due to you. You will have peace of mind and more confidence when driving on the road.

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