Abusing Human Rights? Here’s The Consequences

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The belief that everyone is equal to each other as humans and has the right to live equally has really taken the high route of finally being legal and acclaimed by everyone at the recent time. As the world in history; or well, most of it was either not familiar with this basic right or didn’t pay much respect to it back then. But still, the major roots of human rights have been certain and lied in various traditions and cultures. But as the laws in our history weren’t very awarding and strong as of now, it’s now more than ever that human rights are more promoted and made prominent in the entire world. And if not the whole world, then most of the major and prominent nations have their human rights strongly followed in the minorities as well as the most praised ones.

If we highlight our history and many major happenings of it, there’s more of it where human rights were the least of the concerns for many to be provided to everyone. While most of the known religions were actually the ones that made prominent human rights as some or more of their teachings and ways of practicing worldly life. And as we know it, since the time got more advanced and developed, more of the laws that put forward better living and human relationship were enforced. This made them some of the basic and major human rights that were to be followed in about every region. Now with the passage of time, human rights have been a major focus of the laws for various governments. This is because they are increasing such laws, as well as the strictness enforced along for them to be followed.

Talking about human rights that are mainly followed in the entire world, there are some mentioned below that are not neglected by any government or religion making permanent laws enforced in favor of them.

Basic Human Rights:

  • Right to marry and have a family (for all grown up)
  • Security and liberty of an individual
  • Freedom of thought and life and complete privacy
  • Having Religious belief and practicing it
  • Prohibiting of punishments like torture, slavery or degradation.
  • Right to one’s own things
  • Having social security.
  • To avail all the basic needs

Since World War II, the concept of human rights and its promotion got stronger than ever. This made the idea to slowly create laws to keep human rights safe and more accepted and appreciated by everyone. And so from then onwards, it was strictly prohibited to go against human rights, and those who did were punished for committing crimes. An example of a human rights violation would be if someone committed an intentional act of hurting someone else with the use of a deadly weapon, or better known as aggravated assault; that person, when caught, would be charged with a criminal offense. The punishment will depend on the seriousness of the assault and who was assaulted.

Consequences of Abusing Human Rights:

Now more than ever, it’s the time when human rights are strictly followed and the punishment for it has been made to be taken legal actions for. Hence, with the passing time, the rules for obeying human rights of each state; from the US to Belgium, Paris and various other major states have created certain committees that work with the government in keeping the human rights secure and followed. Although other than some critical cases, there isn’t really a punishment to enforce each and every human right as not all such can easily be promoted or enforced in the society. Yet, the major and intolerable human rights, if violated; the appropriate committee and government authorities working for it gather evidence to make legal action more permanent against individuals that violates the rights. Although many states don’t promote human rights as a base of their governmental laws, but some take strict legal actions against individuals who do. Furthermore, with various measures and legal steps the individuals that violate human rights or the communities are kept under pressure by either putting them behind bars, sent for therapies or kept in isolation. Such steps are taken in order to force them to follow the basic rights respectively in the society. And if we look back in history, there’ve been various cases of human rights violation that have not been accepted or forgiven by many governments resulting in serious punishment, forcing them to be guilty and make up for their harm made to other individuals that are strictly prohibited.

Since the universal human rights have been introduced and made applicable by the government of about all the major states in the world, the crime of violating human rights has taken a low steep. Yet, every now and then there are situations when intense cases of human rights take place. Due to this, many governments take stronger and strict actions to prohibit human rights violations and promote peace. And so now, every now and then when the crimes are steady and rise up over the time in-between, most and many governments are always up to take strict actions and give punishments in order to spread peace.