9 Winning Moves to Help You Crack Your Desired Job Interview

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There are plenty of strategic moves that, once mastered, will help you as a job seeker in two ways – avoiding basic job interview mistakes, and crack the interview!

1.Develop a Resume that Stands Out from the Rest

A resume is a story and if a story is not told well, it leaves no impact. You need to portray your personality on the resume, as well as honestly state qualities and experiences in the past that have sculpted you into the perfect employee for the position. Also, do not be shy about adding color to the pages and fonts being used, and even a passport size picture, to the resume. A bold move like that is bound to get the attention of the interviewer.

2. Understand the Job Requirement

It is imperative that you understand the profile that the job entails, and whether you have the necessary skillset for it. Applying for a job that does not suit your experience and aptitude is bound to be a bad fit, and that doesn’t end well for either of the parties concerned. A little extra effort saves you a lot of time, and prevents a situation where you waste energy applying for jobs that you are unlikely to get, or do well at.

3. Do Your Homework

As with any big step in your career, preparation is crucial when you’re applying for a job. Read through the company website, get a glimpse of its press releases and other articles, and understand its mission or values, e.g. a focus on veteran hiring or sustainable and eco-friendly operations. This allows you to gain insight on the workings of the company and impress the interviewer with your forethought.

4. Research the Industry

Knowing about the competition is stepping up the game, so read up on the latest trends in the industry. This helps to widen your horizons and allows you to come up with objectives and strategies that can be implemented to further the company’s goal. At the very least, you will be able to competently discuss the industry during the interview.

5. Overcome the Fear of Rejection/Losing

Fear comes naturally when one is being judged – whether it’s fear of rejection, fear of not living up to the mark, fear of not making it – but at the end of the day, it’s just fear. With the right kind of preparation, coupled with understanding the objectives and goals of the company and what you have to offer, fear has no room left!

6. Ask Questions 

Never be scared to ask a question. During an interview it’s perfectly normal to not understand something that the interviewer said, whether they were unclear or if there was any other need for the question to be repeated. There really is no reason to hesitate in simply asking, since this shows that you prefer clarity, which is always a good sign.

7. Pretend You’re Selling a Product (Sell Yourself)

It’s funny but true – everyone is into sales, even when they are not! Cracking an interview is about selling yourself, really “strutting your stuff”. You need to persuade the interviewer to hire you for the job and to do so, you must bring to the table what and how you can be an asset to the company.

8. Dressing for the Interview

They say that first impressions are lasting ones, so ensure that you project professionalism and confidence. Power dressing is one of the best ways to impress interviewers. It shows that you mean serious business and take pride in what your attire represents. Crisp, clean clothing, polished shoes and a neat hairdo are the best way to go.

9. Ask for Feedback at the End of the Interview

No matter how the interview really goes, it’s a good idea to ask the interviewer for feedback. It displays your eagerness to learn, which is taken as a positive characteristic and helps you constructively implement the criticism thus attained.

The first interview can’t be the last, so keep updating your resume and stay confident that the right fit is out there!

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Ava Collins of Hicks Group, a staffing and consulting firm with experience connecting businesses to qualified veterans, wrote this article for CareerOneStop. Collins says that working with an agency that helps put veterans to work is the easiest way to go about hiring veterans as well as gaining more in-depth information about how it could vastly improve your business.