88% of Consumers in the U.S. Agree: It’s Important to Shop Small

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88% of Consumers in the U.S. Agree: It’s Important to Shop Small

A survey of consumers across the U.S. looked into what matters most when it comes to shopping small, and the data showed that most consumers (88%) think it is important to shop small and support local small businesses in their area.

However, with the high expectations of today’s consumers, the bar for customer satisfaction has never been higher for small businesses. The survey, conducted by Verizon Connect in April 2019, found that customer service and speed of service have become critical to the success of small businesses. When asked what is important when deciding to purchase from a small business, 83% of survey respondents cited customer service, while 65% cited speed of service and delivery.

These are areas where it can be hard for small businesses to keep pace with their larger competitors and many find it tough to know where to focus and invest to drive the most impact here.

Fleet Management Technology for Speed & Customer Service

One way to meet the increasing demands of today’s consumers is to leverage connected and intelligent fleet management technologies. Small businesses can add these advanced technology capabilities to their toolbox to get job orders filled faster and ensure speedy delivery of goods and services, keeping their customers happy. GPS tracking, for example, monitors the location of an object, person, or equipment by attaching a sensor to it. The sensor can then record and relay information in near real time over a cellular network to improve customer service and reduce time spent calling drivers for updates.

Similarly, field service software helps business owners connect their people, vehicles, equipment and customers together, in order for the business to run more smoothly. The software can help determine the best and quickest route between two points and the best order in which to complete the day’s work. Also, digitizing paper forms can help field operators and drivers complete forms on the go, saving office time later, reducing paperwork and giving managers and business owners quicker access to data for planning and scheduling.

Small Businesses Staying Ahead of the Curve Today

Small businesses are already adopting new technology in order to stay ahead of their competitors. Boston based portable restroom provider, Throne Depot for instance, uses advanced fleet management software to accurately pinpoint the locations of their drivers and trucks for timely and efficient delivery and pick-up. The ability to know at a glance the status of each job and location of each driver helps the company stay on top of orders, especially for any last-minute or emergency requests that come in.

New technology is not just for goliath retailers and new market entrants. New fleet and workforce management technologies are helping small businesses across the country up the ante when it comes to delivering goods and services to their customers, so they can thrive in today’s market.