8 Tips to Create a More Inspiring Office

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Creating a better office environment can be achieved with aesthetic improvements. People like to work in a nice and attractive space and it can help them be happier and more productive in their environment. Additionally, a nice looking office can help you attract better staff. Here are some tips on how to achieve it.

1. Picture hanging

Pictures are not only interesting to look at, but also provide something brilliant for people to look at, especially if the photo is arty. Most people will find themselves lost in imagination while looking at artistic pictures especially in the reception area as they wait to be attended to.  This is unlike having a bare wall with nothing exciting on it.  Having a good picture in the reception room is therefore an excellent idea.  You however need to be very careful when choosing a picture hanging for your reception.  Creative and well-crafted images relating to your company theme is mostly recommended.

2. Music

Sitting in a silent reception area and listening to receptionists respond to calls and type away creates an awkward environment.   Why not let some fresh music play in the background for your guests and clients to listen to as they wait for their turn. Many will find themselves humming to the song playing in the background without even knowing it.  This makes them forget of how long they have been waiting, as well as makes them comfortable.

3. Create a comfortable office layout

Creating a home environment in the workplace is often recommended especially if you receive plenty of guests and clients every day. Consider replacing the cold reception chairs with more comfortable ones, such as a couch or sofa.  If possible, consider having a TV in the reception to help keep your guests occupied.

4. Feng Shui

This is an ancient Chinese art that focuses on de-stressing and de-cluttering the office space.  The idea is to make the office space more presentable and flowy thus making it easier for both employees and clients to be comfortable. You may also consider changing the office’s current setup to give it a facelift.

5. Go Green

Consider making your office livelier by adding a plant or two. The plant or flower helps bring in nature right into your office and is beautiful to look at, especially when stressed.  To avoid mixed reactions at work, consider bringing in an artificial plant, then a live one later on. You however shouldn’t be too attached to it, and should pick the right one based on space and adaptability. Plants also help purify the air, hence an excellent addition to the office. Here are some more tips.

6. Get a nice theme

Getting a nice theme for the office can also help motivate you even more. If an employee, consider asking for permission or just create an idea using stunning art, office graphics or a photo canvas.  This is however only recommended for office setups with minimal or no movement at all. If you are always on the move or share the workspace with someone else, then this idea isn’t for you.

7. Accessorize

If you work on a computer but with limited customization capabilities, you can then play around with simple USB devices.  You can have virtually anything you need in a small USB powered device.  If you like Superman, you can have a USB drive with a similar figure or any other. You can even get an integrated desktop aroma diffuser to use on your computer. Possibilities are endless in the 21st century; all you need is to embrace it.

8. Get some inspiration

Look for something that resonates you and place it on your table. This could be certificates of accomplishments, photos of your loved ones, art, or even a picture you admire. These will not only motivate you but also give you a great way to start a conversation.  You can even have a book you love reading, an inspirational quote or anything else that matters in your life in your office or desk.

If art is not really your thing, you can then make use of the walls to make a difference, like say have some inspirational words on them.  All you need is some creativity and self-acceptance to make your workplace/office a better place.