8 simple tips to help your business get more Twitter followers

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Twitter has now grown from just another social media platform to a powerful marketing platform for businesses. Today, every other brand is looking for ways on how to reach millions of people on twitter.

And as everyone tries to get a share of the twitter market, almost everyone is doing all that he can to get as many followers as possible. Well, it is only through these followers that you can say your strategy is working, as you will need someone to read your tweets after posting them.

It can hard to get twitter followers, especially if you don’t have the tactics that the big brands use. In this post, I will discuss eight tips that will see your twitter follower increase.

Have a good twitter profile

Your twitter profile is like your homepage. Making sure it stands out is the first critical step towards a successful twitter marketing journey. Your Twitter profile needs to have a complete bio, with your full name or that of your business. This makes it easy for users to identify it. Also, you need to have a clear profile picture on the profile. To boost traffic to your business website, you can include a link to the site in the profile as well.

Tweet regularly and consistently

Twitter is not like other social media platforms where posting once in a week can still bring results. On twitter, you have got only one choice, be active and aggressive. The platform is unique both in terms of its dynamics as well as content-length. Without proper dedication to daily posting, then getting more twitter, followers can be a hard task.

To beat the competition on twitter and hopefully attract followers, you need to keep your current followers informed. To do this, you have to post many times a day. A research on the best frequency to tweet shows that tweeting between 3-20 times per day will definitely yield results for your marketing efforts.

Know when to tweet

For you to get maximum engagements on twitter, then you have to know when to post your tweets. The posting time may differ depending on your target audience and region. But generally, the best posting time is between 9 am, and 10 am on Friday mornings. You can also tweet during weekdays, especially in the morning hours.

To understand when to post, you first need to conduct research on the various time-zones you will be targeting. This will help you know when people are awake and thus able to engage with your content.

Buy twitter followers

For the starters, it might be quite hard to get your first bunch of followers on twitter. This will happen whatever your niche is, or your target audience is. Remember that not so many twitter followers will be willing to follow you when you don’t have any other followers on your profile. To beat this mentality, you need to kick-start your Twitter follower hunt by buying followers from social media experts like https://socialboss.org/. The followers you buy will act as a catalyst for others, and you will see them come in droves.

Tweet visual content

Human beings love visual more than plain text. As a social media marketer, you need to find a way of incorporating more visual content in your tweets, as opposed to tweeting plain text three times a day. Visual content is capable of generating a lot of engagements and even can get a lot of shares from other twitter users.

As a good twitter practice, learn how to add a few images and videos to your twitter posts as these will definitely get you more followers.

Post quality content

The quality of content you share on twitter is paramount. And this does not just apply to twitter marketing. Whether it is content marketing, video marketing, or even email marketing, the quality of content you share will determine the kind of engagements you get. As a rule, always make sure you tweet share-worthy content, which can be retweeted by other users.

Retweet other users’ content

Social media marketing can never be done and successfully so in isolation. You need everyone else to join you by either liking, commenting, or retweeting your posts. And to get these, you must also give. You have spare time and mention others and retweet other users’ posts on twitter. This way, the owner of the content you shared will find it worthy of sharing and retweeting yours as well.

Cross-promote your tweets

You can get twitter followers from other sources as well, not necessarily twitter alone. As a social media marketer, the chances of you having accounts on other platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn are high. You can leverage these platforms to grow your twitter followers. All you have to do is share your visual tweets on these platforms, and your followers will follow you on twitter as well.

You can also drive your website traffic to twitter and get more followers. To do this, add a link in the widgets section of your website. Those who visit your site will be able to click on the twitter link and follow you on twitter as well.