7 Ways to Create a Workspace That Enhances Your Productivity

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7 Ways to Create a Workspace That Enhances Your Productivity

Working in an office can be monotonous and boring. It may feel like you’re getting your energy sucked right out of you. You become less productive by the day. You may end up wanting to quit your job, a job that you were initially very enthusiastic about. Most times, it’s because of the work environment you’re in.

Here are 7 ways to make your office more conducive to productivity.

1. Use Natural lighting

If it is during the day, open your blinds and curtains to allow natural lighting from the sun outside to illuminate your office. Natural light gives you vitamin D, enables you to sleep better at night and increases productivity. Place your desk, strategically so that there’s enough light coming in. You can also create a virtual design of your office, try it! However, ensure that your office is well illuminated. If natural lighting is not ideally bright enough to illuminate your office, you can use lights.

Make certain that the lights in the office are not too bright or too dim. If the lights are too bright, they make you strain your eyes and give you migraines. If too dim you’ll also struggle to see your paperwork.

2. Ensure the office is well aerated

Warm, dry air is not ideal for a work environment. Open the windows to allow fresh air to get in and circulate. This gives you, your colleagues and employees’ cool air, which in turn stimulates your brain which increases productivity.

3. Comfortable chair at a good height

To prevent back aches and straining your neck and spine, have a good office chair. Be especially mindful of the level of your table and computer because you don’t want to crane your back as you are working on the computer.

4. Remove clutter

Your mind becomes automatically cluttered if your work space is cluttered. Try organizing a little. Put books and files in vertical storage instead of stacking them up horizontally. This makes it easier to access them so you waste less time. It’s a lot harder to pull things from the bottom of the stack compared you pulling them from your vertical storage method. Put small items like pencils, pens and erasers in one small container within arm’s reach. The goal is to reduce the difficulty to get what you need. We all want to take the path with least resistance.

5. Remove distractions

This includes noise from within or outside the office. Ever noticed how annoying it can be if a phone rings as you speak in an office meeting? This totally deters you from your train of thought. Keep your phone on silent to keep focused on your office work. Also encourage your employees and colleagues to do the same. A quiet work environment enables you to think more clearly and you will be amazed at how much work you’ll have accomplished by the end of the day. If your office is located in a noisy street, you can try noise cancellation earbuds.

6. Clean your office

It’s hard to creatively think and get things done in a dirty office environment. Wipe your table everyday first thing you get in to get rid of dirt and dust. Accumulated dirt might keep you sneezing all day. If you spill your coffee, ensure that you wipe it clean immediately. A clean office not only helps in optimal performance but it also keeps your clothes and paperwork clean.

7. Make your office smell great

You can use essential oils and a diffuser to create scents that will increase productivity. Lavender essential oil can help you relax while Peppermint and citrus can wake you up which will increase focus.

With these tips, you’ll be looking forward to heading to your office every day. You will begin to get your enthusiasm back and you’ll soon love your job as much as you used to when you began. Your office doesn’t have to be a dreadful place to work in. It can be your happy place again!

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