7 Ways College Students Can Make Money This Summer

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Back in your earlier school years, summer was a time to take some much-needed rest from assignments, projects, and other schoolwork. But now that you’re in college, summer marks a time to earn some extra cash on the side. You may need money to support your college education for the following school year or just to fulfill your summer plans. But many employers don’t even consider hiring students because they know they’ll be gone in a couple of months. Thankfully, there are plenty of other summer money making ideas for college students.

1) Declutter and sell your old stuff

Cleaning your room isn’t the most exciting summer activity, but you might surprise yourself by the number of things you no longer use which other people would pay for. Check your old clothes, books, and handicraft for a start. Declutter your room and make cash by selling the things you have no use for in online marketplaces.

2) Be a blogger or vlogger

Can’t fight the urge to go online and scroll through your social media feeds? If so, then you may want to consider becoming a blogger or vlogger. Starting a blog has been one of the most effective ways to earn passive income, which means you can still earn money even when summer is over. Vloggers have also risen in popularity because online users love watching videos. It’s always a good idea to start a blog or vlog that revolves around your passion, as it makes you feel as if you’re not actually working.

3) Take part in medical surveys

Not a lot of college students know this, but participating in medical surveys can be an excellent source of income. Ask your local schools or hospitals to see whether they have information on studies which you can take part in. You must find a study in which you’ll be a great candidate. Some studies pay participants over a thousand dollars, but these usually require overnight stays. Since this may consume a lot of your time, don’t forget to enlist online assignment help services like Assignment Expert to ensure you wouldn’t forget about your summer homework.

4) Deliver food by car or bike

If you have a car or even a bike, you can make some decent money by delivering food to people’s doorsteps. You only have to pick up the food and drop it off. This proves perfect, particularly in high-traffic areas. Search for food delivery apps and follow the instructions on how to become one of their drivers.

5) Babysit or housesit

These are two tried and tested methods to earn money during summer vacation. A great way to find babysitting or housesitting opportunities is to ask family, friends, and neighbors. You can also search for online listings to open up more options.

6) Look for a summer paid internship

Most college internships are unpaid, although some give you more than just college credit. Start by asking your school’s career center. You can also search online for paid internships. This is an excellent opportunity to hone your learning while padding your bottom line at the same time.

7) Be a summer camp counselor

Do you love the outdoors? If you answered yes, then becoming a summer camp counselor should rank on top of your list. Check your local athletic clubs or search online for summer camp counselor jobs. You’ll surely have a lot of fun as you’d get to enjoy nature and work with plenty of people.

While it may be challenging to get a traditional day job this summer, college students still have many options to choose from to make money. You only have to be resourceful and dedicated to finding a summer money-making opportunity that best fits your interests and skills.