7 Types of Content Proven to Skyrocket Your Search Traffic

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Imagine you are the proud owner of a donut shop, and you have the best donuts with strawberry sauce in town. People all over the world heard about you, and they come from miles and miles away to try your amazing donuts. However, after months in a row of serving just the strawberry sauce, people are starting to get bored and look for places that serve donuts with chocolate and vanilla sauce.

The same principle applies for the content written on your website – if it’s the same kind of content, people will eventually get too used to it and start looking for some other sites, with new and provoking ideas.

Next, the 7 most important ways to improve your content and their intricacies will be broken down for you.

1. Info about Infographics

If you want to go big, infographics is the way to do it. Don’t believe what is written here and simply check the study conducted by Unbounce – it will tell you that an increase of 800% in the search of infographics has been registered. The reason for this is simple – they appeal to people’s visual receptors.

So how can you use this in your favor? Well, engage in some research and find the exact topics that can do two things: 1. Be of interest for people and 2. Draw people to the specific area that you’re exploiting.

2. The Good Ol’ White Papers, eBooks and Reports

This is not a very often used trick. And this is precisely why you should try it. One way to tackle this is by converting the white paper into a series of blog posts. Also, if you have quality content in your eBook, search engines will most probably index it and give it a higher rank. eBooks are becoming more and more popular, according to Pew Internet Center, so it is time to grow accustomed to these kinds of content marketing tools. There are now plenty of easy-to-use ebook design tools on the market now, Designrr is a good example.

3. Have You Ever Given A Thought about Book Reviews?

Have you ever thought about exploiting people’s love for reading? The most effective way to do this is by providing unbiased reviews of books that interest them. You should also know that in online products purchasing, up to 77% of people count on product reviews, because they want to make good investments and not waste their money.

4. Everybody Loves List Posts

If you’ve ever wondered which are the most shared blog post types, top list posts are the answer. One of the reasons for this is the fact that they manage to get the search engines’ “attention” because they contain a number or a list. Don’t pop the champagne yet, because there are a lot of people who write posts like this, so you will be facing a large number of competitors in your own field. The easy way to manage this is by using odd numbers, for example. Whatever course of action you choose to take, try and combine it with good quality content and the results will be more than satisfying.

5. The Thought Leadership Approach

If you want a solution for content overload, then thought leadership is your solution. Michael Brenner wrote for Marketing Insider Group that thought leadership is a type of content marketing that allows you to tap into the expertise and passion inside your industry and answer the biggest questions your audience might have on a particular topic. For this type of blog post, though, you need to have some experience with content marketing and conducting experiments; otherwise, it would be better to save this kind of writing for later.

6. Go for the How-To Guides

This is a rather simpler type of content writing, where the thing that you need to remember is to provide useful and in-depth information. You should make sure that the reader will benefit from your article, because if you achieve that, the visitors will most definitely share your content. It’s important to consider writing a somewhat funny post, since readers tend to react better when stumbling upon interesting information.

7. Reviews, Reviews, Reviews

You will find that the same rules from the book reviews apply here. The difference is that the readers require a more objective, verified and on point opinion.  You must write with clarity, and not “beautify” the truth. This does not mean, however, that you can’t be creative about your writing.

Don’t forget to leave a comment about your own experiences after applying these tips!