7 Tips for Helping the Self-Employed Mom in Your Life This Mother’s Day

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Celebrating Mother’s Day can be a challenge when your mom or your wife is an online seller. Running an online business probably means she spends most of her days running from the computer to her camera to the printer to that pile of shipping boxes and back again. If this sounds like the mother or wife in your life, here are some ways to give her a nice respite or extra hand this Mother’s Day.

1. Make sure the coffee pot is full.
After a few hours of running around finding products to be shipped, packing items, answering customer emails (some of which are the topic of a different set of tips), and dealing with marketplace insanity, she can end up exhausted and conked out on the couch. Keep a strong pot of coffee available so she can revive whenever she feels the need.

2. Go on a box-and-bubble-wrap run.
Take a tedious chore off of her “to do” list and go get some boxes and bubble wrap for her. You might think flowers would make a better Mother’s Day gift, but for an online seller, boxes and bubble wrap smell like roses.

3. Don’t plan a barbecue or a big “to do” on a heavy shipping day.
Barbecues are always a fun way to celebrate events in the warmer months, except if the event falls on a major shipping day. Keep everyone happy by respecting her busy days, even if they happen to be on a special event date. Determine when she does her shipping, and save the barbecue or celebration for a less hectic day.

4. Get her a plant – she needs the oxygen.
When she’s is frantically running around, an oxygen-emitting plant will help her breathe, and remain calm and focused. Plus, she’ll get to enjoy a bit of greenery in her workspace.

5. Learn how to help with simple task.
Every extra hand helps when it comes to a busy day. See what tasks you could take over to help ease her workload for the day. This could doing something as simple as making sure she’s getting food and doing simple household errands. Any time saved will help keep the day less stressful.

6. Pick up errant packing peanuts or other clutter for her.
Here’s a peanut pick-up tip – collect runaway peanuts with a plastic file folder. Rub the folder up and down your pants to generate static electricity, then move the folder over the peanuts and watch them attach like magic. Just keep the folder away from you, or you could end up as that person walking around with peanuts stuck in their hair.

7. Cook dinner and do the dishes for her.
Of course your mom may make the best lasagna this side of Rome, but that doesn’t mean you can’t try your hand at making spaghetti. If all else fails, there’s always the microwave. Zap up a meal, and forget about doing dishes.

These tips will help you both enjoy Mother’s Day while showing her you care and appreciate the hard work she does.  Remember to give her a card, a cake, a hug or something else that will help make the day perfect.

Article courtesy of Vendio. Vendio provides the leading cloud-based, on-demand eCommerce software solution for merchants, small and mid-sized businesses.

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