7 Random Ways to Get Cash When You Need It Most

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7 Ways to Save Money When You're Self-Employed

We can’t live without sleep, food, air, and water, but we can’t live without money either. This piece of paper has a lot of value in our lives because we use it to purchase basic necessities like food, water, shelter, transport, clothing, education, medication and so much more. Without it, we would practically be dead by now. Let’s take a look at some random ways by which you can get your hands on money when you need it most.

Opt For a Loan

Most of us have done this, especially for essential things like paying for college funds, buying a car, a house, and any other major items. Loans help us amass a large sum of money quickly. There are installment loans that you can opt for and they are great for several reasons. For one, the interest rates are reliable so you know how much you would need to pay each month. Nevertheless, you can repay the loan in a longer span of time. Hence you would pay lower rates each month.

Take Up a Job

Taking up a job, whether that be part-time or full time, is a great idea to help you meet your needs. A job not only helps you in making money for yourself or to fulfill your needs, but it also gives you a feeling of self-worth and belonging. The experience you can get from a job will help you to get a better job in the future. Moreover, when you are working, you are assisting society. Nevertheless, a job offers you the opportunity to meet new people, thereby making new connections that can even help you further in your career life.

Sell Your Belongings

We may not want to admit this, but we have loads of things that belong to us that we probably don’t even need. But instead, some of us choose to hoard these items. We fail to understand that someone can make better use of these items then we can. Whether they be toys, clothes, shoes, furniture, or whatever it is, we need to take out time and declutter our home of things we no longer need. You have the option to sell these items when you do so you can make some money.

Save Your Money

If you’re someone that makes a consistent paycheck or has other means of making money besides a job, then make sure you save it – don’t just splurge your cash. Saving is so significant and one of the main reasons behind this is that you don’t have to borrow money from anyone or take out a loan. In the time of need, you will be your own lifesaver since you have the cash to back you up. Moreover, saving is an act that shows self-care and concern. Saving will also allow you to be more responsible for spending where you need to most.

Ask Friends & Family

Some of us may be a bit on the skeptical on this one, but who better to take help from than your own family and friends. However, one should make sure that whatever amount is borrowed is repaid at the time specified. If this fails to take place, then it could cause friction between the two people or more people in case you borrowed from more than one friend or relative. Therefore, because of the proximity, you may have with friends and family, it would be convenient to ask them to allow you to borrow money. However, be sure to return the money on time.

Sell Your Artwork

This one is specifically for those of us who are great at art. If you hone this skill and have great pieces of artwork, then you may want to go out and sell them. Many people do this and actually make money, and who knows – if you turn out to be a really good one, you can make a lot of money. Talent should never go to waste especially one as good as this one. Create the best artwork you can and sell it online or go anywhere you can to find a way to not only portray your artwork to the public but also sell it.

Sell Your Knowledge

We really think it’s essential to have knowledge if and when you have nothing at all because this could be your best tool for making bread and butter. When we talk about knowledge, we mean a skill in pretty much anything, from writing to cooking to putting on great makeup. You can sell this asset of yours by teaching in a school or online. Moreover, you can even start a YouTube channel. There are thousands of people who teach amazing skills via the internet and you can be one of them, by teaching and making a living simultaneously.

Recycle Your Phone

This last one on the list is quite unique from the other items we mentioned on the list. In addition, if you’re an eco-friendly person, then this is something for you. Do you have any unused mobile phones lying around the house? If so then why not consider recycling them? You can do the same with other electronic devices in your home. This will not only get you money, but you’ll inadvertently be lending a helping hand in saving the environment. In some places, you can even give plastic bottles and other recyclable items and make some money off them.