7 Items You Need for a Professional and Lively Home Office

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Is it time for a technology upgrade in your home office?

When designing your home office, there are two considerations you should make. One, you should design your space with comfort and productivity in mind for your sake. Two, consider a professional and lively look for the sake of the customers, partners, investors, or colleagues who will visit your office from time to time. A professional look is important because it impacts how other people view you and your career or business. People who act professionally are respected and trusted. This article highlights some key items that will keep your office looking professional and lively for a good first impression.

Certificates and License Display

Certificates and licenses are a great display of your qualifications and experience. If your space is small, and you have so many certificates, consider displaying the highest qualifications only. Also, get some beautiful frames that will make a good display. Church Hill Classics offers custom-designed frames that you can use to display your certificates, awards, licenses, and other documents. By using the site, you can design custom frames that will match the style of your home office. Church Hill Classics is a leading manufacturer of quality certificate frames and diploma frames in the USA.

Quality Furniture

The furniture you choose for your home office should not only be comfortable but also appealing. Go for good furniture that complements other features in your office. Additionally, take into account the space you have. Don’t fill the room with so much furniture that you are not left with enough space to move around. It is better to invest in a few high-quality pieces than to fill the entire room with furniture that’s not aesthetically appealing and comfortable. For the guest chairs, ensure they are comfortable and stable. The design you choose will depend on the nature of your guests. For instance, for a therapist, a cozy couch would be ideal to make your clients feel relaxed whereas for a business, classy office chairs can work well.

Office Desk Tray and Storage

Your home office should have an office desk tray for items you are working on currently and storage for everything else. The two are essential for a neat and professional-looking office. Your storage can be a wall mount, portable drawers, storage boxes, and containers among many others. You could also buy a desk with storage. Regardless of the storage method you use, ensure that everything is labeled for easy retrieval. When you can’t easily locate a document, you will come across as confused and unprofessional to your clients.

Gallery Wall

For artistic and design careers, consider having a gallery wall to showcase your work. In addition to work-related images, you could also include a picture of yourself. Those in other professions can shop for gallery pieces online. Some inspirational messages can look great on the wall as well. And for the minimalists, two or three pieces or one masterpiece would be ideal. Finally, if you have limited space or are looking for a unique display, make use of gallery float frames.


A beautiful wallpaper can make your office stylish and lively. The choice of wallpaper all depends on the nature of your office. For instance, if you need to brighten your working space, go for wallpapers with vivid hues. For an office that is too plain, you can go with textured wallpaper. You can add wallpaper to all walls in your office or focus on one wall only.

Plants and Flowers

According to an article on Psychology Today, indoor plants clean the air, boost mood, help to de-stress and enhance creative thinking. The article also notes that artificial plants carry the same sort of benefits as long as they look real. Thus, if you are not a fan of caring for a real plant, you could buy some fake ones that look real. And don’t forget flowers too. Flowers add to the beauty of your home office, and they have some psychological benefits too.

Branded Office Supplies

Finally, consider having branded office supplies at your home office. Branding shows others that you are serious about your business and this attracts respect and admiration. Giving the branded supplies to your customers and prospects can help in your marketing efforts, increase memorability for your brand, and boost brand awareness.

By designing your home office well, you give your visitors a good first impression, boost your productivity, and make your business more successful. However, note that office design isn’t the only thing you should focus on as a professional. One can have the most comfortable chairs but still chase customers away because of lack of work ethics and skills. Some factors you should pay attention to for professionalism include personal grooming, competency, respect, attitude, honesty, good communication, reliability and integrity among others. Therefore, as you work to build a good office, don’t forget to work on your expertise, character, and skills.

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