6 Ways to Welcome Your New Hire

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Your new hire starts on Monday. What should you do?

Realistically, your new hire isn’t expecting a Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade to be thrown in their honor (unless you’re an employer who does do this, then we’ll have to refer you to our Questionable Business Expenses article). But as an employer, you do want to make a great first impression on them—as much as they want to do the same with you.

Here are 5 ways to welcome your new hire so that they leave their first day with nothing but a smile on their face.

1. Have a prepared workstation. Look over the job description of the newly hired position (hint: you can find it in the job posting), and consider all the essential tools they’ll need to succeed in their new role. Pens? Notebooks? What about a laptop? You may also want to add other miscellaneous items to make them feel comfortable. Think a refillable water container, a box of kleenex, and maybe a decorative company t-shirt to show that they’re a part of your professional family now.

2. Get it in writing. Want to avoid one of the biggest mistakes that small businesses make? Get everything in writing. Written contracts are an important way of making sure everyone is on the same page about salary, benefits, hours, and how to handle confidential information. There’s no better way to welcome a new hire than giving them a sense of security, so make sure you make that employer/employee relationship official with an Employment Contract and Employee Handbook.

3. Take them out to a team lunch. You don’t have to invite your entire company, just the few people who will work directly and frequently with your new hire. This will give your employees, present and new, a chance to break the ice over lunch—an event that almost everyone can bond over, whether it’s out of necessity or sheer gluttony.

4. Introduce them to the entire company. Whether your company is small or big, it’s a good idea to introduce your new hire to your entire company. If your staff is relatively small, go ahead and do it in person. This will make the introductions that much more personal and meaningful. If you have a larger company, you can create company-wide emails that introduce new hires with snippets of their biography.

5. Give a tour of the office. Imagine your new hire walking in on their first day. But alas, they’re welcomed by an empty reception room. This is a key moment to make a truly great first impression. Designate a greeter to welcome your new hire and give a tour of the office. Make sure they know where the most important quarters are, like the restroom and the supply room.

6. Follow up with them at the end of their first day. A lot can happen after an eight-hour workday. Circle back with them and ask them how their first day went. Open the dialogue for any comments or questions they may have. They may give positive, or even negative, feedback. Use this information to tailor how you welcome your next new hire so you’re always optimizing the welcoming experience.

In the end, there’s always going to be a little bit of anxiety when someone starts a role at a new company. You should take it upon yourself, as the employer, to reduce their jitters and make them feel welcome. Besides, hiring employees is only half the battle; retaining them is a whole ‘nother beast.

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