6 Ways to Keep Your Home Safe

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Whether or not you live in a low-risk area, security is a critical part of your home’s comfort. You need to be able to relax all night without worrying about burglars, thieves and other security breaches. Before you get back to decorating or having friends over for dinner parties, you might want to scroll through these tips to ensure that your home is as foolproof as possible:

Install robust doors

While you might want a stylish door that will give your home a certain statement look, also ensure that your door is secure. The last thing you want is to have burglars, and other uninvited guests stroll right in. Ensure that your hinges and frames are strong and difficult to compromise and that no one can reach through the mail slot to open the door. You can also add reinforcements like deadbolts, smart locks and strike plates. You can also invest in a high-quality video doorbell. If you have sliding doors, install glass-break sensors, or try a more straightforward solution like a window bar to keep the doors locked tight.

Get a safe

A large home safe is vital for keeping your personal documents, antiques, jewelry, and other sensitive documents from prying eyes. Some burglars may break into your home specifically for these documents, and a safe will protect them if all other security measures do not. Be sure to pick a safe that is fireproof, water resistant and heavy so that a thief cannot detach and carry it or melt it with a blowtorch. In case you have a concealed weapon, you might also want to store it in a robust gun safe, as most burglars are more after guns than any other valuable item. Multi Threat Body Armor can be a good investment to enhance your safety at home.

Lock your windows

Burglars always try to pry open and creep through windows, so encourage all your family members to keep all the windows locked. Reinforce manufacturers’ latches with glass-break sensors or grills. You can also plant a thorny hedge right under your windows.

Have bright lights all around the compound

Bright lights tend to keep criminals at bay, so install them at your entrance, along your fence, near and inside the garage and all other outdoor structures. You can have solar-powered lighting to reduce your power bills and motion-activated lighting.

Eliminate all shady places

While shrubs, flower bushes, and trees can make your home beautiful, they also act as hiding places for criminals looking for a surprise attack. Keep the trimmed and short. Also, ensure that the paths leading to your home are well lit, straight and not overgrown with hedges.

Install closed-circuit cameras

Cameras not only stop criminals in their tracks but also offer reliable evidence in the case of a security breach. You can install cameras anywhere, in and outside your home, a home office, or a wardrobe with expensive clothes and jewelry. Make sure that your cameras also support night vision, motion-sensors, and come with a mobile app through which you can obtain real-time footage.


To remain one step ahead of violent criminals, vandals and burglars, you need to keep security as a top priority in your home.

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