6 Flexible Work from Home Jobs

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Dressing up, heading to the office, and working from nine to five isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. Some people are just able to get more work done from the comforts of their own home. Thanks to the advances in technology and the Internet, there are lucrative opportunities available for such individuals. In this article, we provide you with six flexible online jobs you can look into if you want to work from home.

1. Freelance Writer

If you like working with words, then online writing is something you should consider. Whether it be content writing, guest writing, technical writing, or even recipe writing, most of the write-ups are in the form of online lists, blog posts, or journal-style articles

Whether health, technology, housekeeping, or travel, the topics to write about are almost endless so you are bound to find your niche. There are different online platforms for starting your online writing career like Textbroker, for example.

2. Transcriber

As a transcriber, you need to have a decent typing speed and great listening skills. This job requires you to listen to videos, audio files, or people speaking in real time and type down what is being said. Transcription jobs are usually found in the medical, business, and legal fields.

3. Virtual Assistant

The more responsibilities people have in their job, the more tasks they have. Sometimes, they will be in need of another person’s help to stay organized. Being a virtual assistant allows you to be that person.

Essentially, a virtual assistant takes care of emails, scheduling meetings, managing your client’s professional calendar, and other administrative tasks. If you are great at organizing, this job might be the perfect fit for you. Virtual assistant positions are usually available in online job platforms such as Upwork.

4. Online Seller

Nowaday, you don’t need a brick-and-mortar store to sell things. Thanks to the internet, you can now sell items behind your computer screen. While some sites serve as general online marketplaces, certain sites are designed to sell certain products.

Appliances, furniture, artwork, food – almost anything can be sold online. If you aren’t sure what to sell, clothing and apparel make a great first option. It is relatively easy to create an online shop for clothes.

5. Blogger

If you are passionate about a certain topic, why not monetize on it by starting a blog? That way you can share your thoughts and ideas while making money when doing so. When starting a blog, it is essential to partner up with companies that share the same direction as you.

For example, if you start a cooking blog, companies that sell kitchenware may ask you to collaborate with them. Make it a point to produce consistent high quality posts so that you will be recognized and have a bigger readership, which is directly related to how much you can make as a blogger.

6. ESL Teacher

As time goes on, English is becoming more and more ubiquitous a language. Because of this, there is a growing need of English teachers. You can utilize your proficiency in English in this field.

Teaching English as a second language is highly sought after in certain countries. Some companies require a native speaker, others need individuals with advanced education or professional experience.