6 Creative Marketing Tactics That Won’t Break The Bank

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Back in the day, marketing was all about spending big bucks to buy huge billboards and print ads in glossy magazines. Nowadays, with the influx of the internet and digital marketing, there is a multitude of other ways you can get your brand or business’ name out there. We’ve compiled 6 creative marketing tactics that you can employ to boost your potential customer profile.

1. Social media marketing

According to Pew Research Center, 77% of adults aged 30-49 years old use social media, and this only increases as the age bracket drops. Therefore, no matter what you’re selling, you need to be targeting your audience through social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Post a visual of deals or products, then invite your audience to share and comment. You can even film short, themed commercials and post them to your social profiles.

2. Brand your corporate events

Whether you’re setting up at a trade show or hosting a networking event, there is a plethora of ways you can invite your audience to engage with your brand – both online and in the physical. For example, a fantastic way to lure potential customers in is to hire a photo booth. Photo booth hire in Sydney is becoming increasingly popular at corporate events as more and more businesses are realizing and leveraging its marketing potential.

3. Product placement

Product placement is perfect for those looking to gain advertising for their products without the extensive campaign budget. Contact production assistants or networks and explain why your product is the perfect fit for a time slot this season. Product placement allows marketers to spend the money and effort displaying their products, while ensuring the chosen time slot or location reaches very important and influential demographics.

4. Guerrilla marketing

A tactic that is perhaps the most effective with reaching younger audiences is guerrilla marketing. It focuses on non-traditional methods for increasing brand awareness, using various brand ambassadors to interact one-on-one, in a very intimate manner. Using minimal resources, this tactic is proven to have a significant effect on driving sales, as well as growing brand awareness. In addition, the interactive nature of guerrilla marketing aids in building a brand experience by helping a community create a more lasting relationship with your product beyond the holiday season.

5. Lifestyle marketing

If your small business is a lifestyle brand, consider utilizing lifestyle marketing to reach your audience this holiday season. Lifestyle marketing is very much attributable to word-of-mouth in the industry. Place your products or messaging at locations where your consumers frequent such as hair and nail salons or popular lunch spots. These locations can carry a lot of influence with a local community and a product or flyer visible in these locations will help grow brand awareness for your small business.

6. Holiday shows

Work the holiday shopping fair circuit. Metropolitan areas have hundreds of these shows each holiday season. Make use of these popular venues and rent a booth for your business. These fairs are great for exposing your products to a large crowd at little expense to you. Even if you don’t sell a lot of merchandise, these fairs are great networking tools for small businesses to grow awareness of their brands among the shopping community. Make sure you hand out business cards and talk-up your products.

No matter what sort of business you’re running, marketing is a vital part to the success of any organization. However, great reach doesn’t have to come at a great expense. Take heed of these 6 creative ways that you can bolster your brand’s customer base, and maximize your wealth today.