6 benefits of an office makeover

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Is your office beginning to look tired and drab? When a working environment has become past its best it can affect the morale of the staff and reflect negatively on the business. Here are six fantastic benefits for giving your office a makeover.

1. Improve staff productivity

Upgrading your office with a makeover is a brilliant way increase productivity. Firstly, it can boost morale within the team as everyone feels appreciated. Additionally, it gives you the chance to make changes to the design that actually help staff get on with their day-to-day roles. Sometimes it can be the simple changes that make a big difference. For example, companies like AQ Blinds specialize in a full variety of blinds including blackout blinds and electric blinds which can be perfect for specific areas of the office to provide privacy. This can help staff to do their job properly which is always a huge benefit for productivity.

2. Increase employee retention

An office makeover can also be a fantastic way to help you retain your staff. Once again this goes back to your team feeling appreciated. If they see that you are willing to invest money in your working environment it indicates to them that you care about their well-being. Something as simple as a new coat of paint and brand new carpets can really freshen up the environment and make your office a much nicer place to work. Staff are more likely to stay at a business where they feel appreciated and they can enjoy their day’s work. Additionally, it will make it easier to attract new employees if you can show that your office is well-maintained.

3. Impress clients and suppliers

When you have clients or suppliers visit your office it is important that you make a fantastic impression on them. But many business owners forget that the actual state of their office can tell you a lot about a business. If it looks tired and run-down, clients will unconsciously associate this with your company. Whereas if they see a bright, fresh and high quality office, they will have positive associations with your business. So if your office is beginning to look a little worn it’s worth having it renovated now to make a better impression on visitors.

4. Re-work the layout

An office makeover is a great opportunity to re-work the layout of the space so that it is more efficient and more conducive to the way that your business operates. You would be amazed at the ways that you can maximise space simply by buying in new, thinner desks. Take the time to consider the ways that your renovation can be used to your advantage. For example, your office might be crying out for an extra meeting room and it may be possible to add in some partition walls in order to create a private space.

5. Improve the value of the office

If you own your office then it is worth pointing out another benefit of the makeover – it will increase the value of your investment. Keeping your office space in good condition and improving the quality of the furnishings can play a huge part in its worth on the market. If you do believe you might be relocating or selling your office in the short to mid-term, it is definitely worth renovating to improve the value.

6. Brand your space

One of the further benefits of an office makeover is that it gives you the chance to brand your working area. Not only can this be a fantastic activity in brand awareness, it can also make your staff feel more committed to the business. A branded office additionally looks more impressive to visiting customers, clients and suppliers. It can be something as simple as decorating the furniture in your company colors, to investing in fully branded carpeting and more.