6 Basic Factors You Need To Keep In Mind before Starting an Ecommerce Business

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E-commerce happens to be an industry that has expanded leaps and bounds and it will be doing the rounds for many years. The remarkable thing about this business is it has managed to stay afloat even during the crisis period of COVID-19. However, for winning the e-commerce game, you need to keep in mind some basic factors and they are as follows:

  • Begin the process with a particular name – You must start the journey with a particular business name. In this situation, you must think big and always develop a brand rather than keeping yourself busy with small-term business. Your chosen name should be exclusive and this way, you will be successful in building the identity of your brand. Many people do not research well before they name their brand and this is one of the many mistakes they habitually do.
  • Categorize your items and services – It is extremely important to categorize your products and services. When you fail in this attempt, you will make your visitors frustrated. It also means that every product and service which is featured in your store will be subdivided into some broad categories. They will be subdivided into subcategories and it will make the job of your visitors easy.
  • Select the finest platform for building your online store – You need to select the best content management system and your team should handle it efficiently well. It is important to choose the CMS that is SEO friendly. A few reputed platforms for building e-commerce stores happen to be Magento, Shopify, OpenCart, Prestashop, and WordPress.
  • The automation of workflow with ideal apps and software – Automation is considered the key when the matter comes to online business. In the absence of automation, a person will become insane. Therefore, you must invest in automation apps and software when you need to automate some menial jobs that need useless human hours. This can be anything very simple like registering the entries of product sales automatically. The good thing is you can take the help of countless automation services that would aid you greatly.
  • Choose your finest business structure – You can take your pick from various options when the matter zeroes on the structure of a business and some of them are:
    • LLC
    • Sole Proprietor
    • Corporation
    • Partnership (when you have a partnership with a partner)

Your choice of business structure is dependent on the method in which you have been conducting the business. When it is a nascent phase e-commerce business, then you would be the Sole Proprietor.

  • Terms and Conditions – The page of terms and conditions for a person’s e-commerce store works as a lawfully binding contract between him and his customers which he wishes to share with his users. This page is capable of protecting a person legally and also set out some conditions that he must follow. Hence, it is important to be extra careful while forming this section. You can also take the advice from a lawyer in this context.

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Samantha Acuna is a writer based in San Francisco, CA. Her work has been featured in The Huffington Post, Entrepreneur.com, and Yahoo Small Business.