5 Ways Technology Can Organize Your Office

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Business People Working with Technology

When the songbirds are done hanging out in Key West that means spring is here and that means we begin herding clutter and dust bunnies toward the door. Paper clutter is high on the list of “Things That Bug Entrepreneurs” so while you’re sweeping out the cobwebs from behind your desk, why not use technology to help you spring clean the rest of your office too?

Here are five great ways to use technology to manage your paper and create a simpler workspace!

  1. Declutter your desktop. Stacks of business cards seem to multiply like bunnies overnight. Like bunnies, they create quite a mess on (and in) your desk. Magicians make real bunnies disappear and you can make your business cards disappear by scanning them with a NeatReceipts or NeatDesk It scans each one (front and back) and automatically populates database fields, making piles of business cards a thing of the past. Plus, they’ll sync with Outlook or Apple’s Address Book and be automatically backed up when you sync to the cloud.
  1. Declutter your file cabinet by using Manilla to track, pay and manage bills, household accounts and subscriptions, as well as other paper-based reminders such as events and doctor appointments. Those piles o’ paper you’ve gotten so fed up with will be gone and instead you’ll get email reminders of when bills and subscriptions are due so you can take care of them online! Manilla also now offers manual reminders you create yourself so you won’t forget to buy that important anniversary gift or birthday card.
  1. Declutter your wallet. No longer does your wallet have to hold a fat wad of expense receipts for reimbursement or tax purposes. Rapid scan all those little slips of paper with a scanner and let the software create the reports your accountant needs to make tax time simple.
  1. Store info in the cloud. Why lug a briefcase full of documents back and forth to client sites and new business meetings when you can put all your paper in the cloud? Those documents you scan can be uploaded to one of the many cloud-based applications such as Dropbox, Office Drop or Evernote. They’ll be available on all your devices and won’t your clients and prospects be impressed at your tech savvy?
  1. Ditch the notebooks. If you spend half your life in meetings but can never find the right set of scribbled notes, let technology help change that. Take meeting and class notes on a laptop or iPad then upload the document to Evernote. The technology will perform OCR on each file and make it searchable. Still prefer hand-written notes? No worries! Just snap a picture in .jpg format and upload to Evernote. The OCR software will analyze them and make them searchable too!

Life is busy. Make your work and life easier by using these simple technology solutions to lighten your paper load and you’ll have more time and space for your most important business tasks.