5 Things You Need To Know Before Travelling to Cuba

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There is a high chance that Cuba won’t be like other places you would have visited by now. Although this place is carved to satisfy customer needs, you will have a different experience, once you go there. From unavailable services to strange regulations, there’s a lot for you to know. If you are planning to explore this city outside the hotel, there are plenty of things to know. Continue reading until the end:

1. Visas and Insurance

Just like other cities around the globe, Cuba also requires some paperwork. All you need is a valid visa to enter this city. Check with the nearest travel agent to buy a valid visa depending on the number of your holidays. For instance, if you’re from the US, you must google Cuba visa for US citizens to get a list of all travel agents near your place. Cuba also requires visitors to have a health insurance plan before they hop in. However, if you don’t have health insurance, you can pay for it at the airport.


2. Don’t Rely on Credit Cards

There are few companies that accept credit cards in Cuba. Therefore it is vital to keep cash with you when going to this city. However, there is a limit on the amount of cash you can bring. Custom regulations don’t allow people to carry more than $5000 in cash. It is better to exchange US dollars with Cuban currency before you come here. Keep in mind, Cuba charges a 10% tax on the currency exchange, so you better be prepared when coming here.

3. No Internet Connection

Although it seems that life is impossible without the internet, in Cuba, life operates without this service. Internet access is very limited in Cuba and can be as high as $12 per hour so unless you don’t use a paid VPN service to get access to such information, the state will limit your engagement with the internet connection. Even if you get an internet connection, the state will only allow you to do a few simple things such as checking your email, browsing social media sites, but there is no guarantee if such sites will even load.

4. Transportation

Public transportation in Cuba is a complete mess so you must get ready to rely on taxis. The good news is, taxis are not expensive, and you can easily travel in different parts of the city after renting a vehicle. Another intriguing thing to note here is, there are several old American model cars from the 1950s that are used by taxi drivers to drive the tourists in Cuba. If you don’t want to travel in a taxi, it is also possible to rent a car for $100. In some cases, the car rent might jump to as high as $200.

5. Roaming Services Will Bankrupt You

Plan your trip in a way that you don’t have to rely on mobile services to guide you throughout the tour. Although there is no harm in using Google Maps, it is advisable to bring a paper map because the internet connection is rare. Many telecom companies offer roaming services to their customers in Cuba. Those who do charge a lot of money from their clients. Cuba’s telecommunications provider has the highest rate for its services.