5 Simple Strategies to Grow Your Business This Year

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Feel like your business is stagnating and in need of some helpful guidance on how to grow and expand your business? Here are 5 simple strategies you can try out to set your business up to grow and flourish in 2021.

Use the power of ‘influence’

In 2021, social media is marketing gold. If you want to reach new customers and raise awareness of your product or service among a particular market segment, few methods can be more effective at engaging your ideal customers than an influencer can.

Building relationships with established or emerging influencers within a niche market can be an invaluable resource, as they possess an already established level of trust with their followers—and if they’re willing to endorse your brand or product, you’re sure to gain a few extra followers yourself!

Optimize your website

While social media is a great platform to raise awareness and engage with prospective clients, you still need to pay attention to your website.

For many businesses, social media is merely a single touch-point for their customers with a large proportion also conducting additional online research before they’d be willing to complete a purchase.

Whether they’re using a search engine to find out more about a particular product or brand or whether they’re using it to check out what the competition has to offer, your website content needs to be up-to-scratch and filled with information that’s relevant to your typical customer.

To get the most out of your website, it’s also worthwhile engaging a search marketing agency to ensure your website is optimized—in a nutshell, that means that your website is set up correctly to enable search engines to understand what it’s all about.

Harness the power of paid digital advertising

Investing in paid search, display and social media advertising is another effective way to reach potential customers who have either searched for your product or service or match the description of your target market.

While you will need to pay for any leads you generate from your campaigns, if you do a good job of it, there’s great potential to significantly increase your sales and revenue. If you’re not confident managing your paid marketing activity on your own, you can always reach out to a digital marketing agency that can manage it for you.

Expand your service offering

Plenty of businesses start off small by providing only one or two products or services. While that’s a smart move in the early days to avoid overcapitalizing, once you’ve become more established and have built a decent customer base, it might be worth considering introducing new product lines or expanding to provide more services.

Engage a business support service

Growth is generally a good thing; however, rapid growth also has the potential to jeopardize your service standards.

While hiring extra staff in the hope that you’re going to experience a rapid surge in demand can be a risky strategy, you can always consider engaging a business support services agency to help you out with your tasks.

They can basically act as an extension of your business, available to help out by providing support responding to emails or answering phone calls from customers. The beauty is that you don’t have to make any long-term commitments with a business support service—you simply switch on their services to help out during busy periods when demand goes up, then switch it off when things calm down again. Not only will it relieve some of the stress and pressure on you and any staff you have, but customers will also be happy because they’ll consistently receive great service.