5 reasons workaholics need to stay healthy

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A healthy person does not tire through the daily tasks of running errands, getting the kids to school, and then making it on time for that important client meeting, but sleeps peacefully and uninterruptedly when they hit the sack.

Such a person has a better rapport with peers, has the family happy, and possesses a pleasant outlook towards every new adventure that comes their way.

While most people understand how important it is to be healthy to perform well in all aspects of life, they do not understand how nuanced the implications of good health can be on their and performance. If one talks to a doctor OR visit a hospital-like Apollo Gleneagles Hospital and they can tell how much it can contribute to one’s overall health.

The task of being fit and healthy is undertaken on weekends, with early morning alarms to go running and bitter-tasting smoothies which must be gulped down anyway. Those attempting to accomplish the feat on weekdays often struggle with less sleep and the consequent irritability.

This perhaps happens because it is assumed that fitness is a feat when it is only a lifestyle. Fitness means different things at different ages, and to different people; therefore, fitness must be accomplished in ways that meet everyone’s needs.

And since the workplace is where a person spends half, or sometimes even more, of their awake time in the day- the workplace must not be exempt from the endeavour of fitness but rather be the place where it should be practised wholeheartedly.

While heads nod to this statement, it is not put into practice because one often assumes the role of a workaholic when they enter their workplace, which they should if they want to. However, workaholics are the ones who need to practice balance and fitness the most.

When lost in work, they often forget to sit straight and drink water, and sometimes miss lunchtime altogether! And when this is pointed out, their argument is that these habits distract them, or prevent them from focusing one hundred per cent. An easy step for them who like to stay in from of their desks would be to consult a doctor online.

It is for these people that we have curated a list, and a very important one, that tells them why they need to stay healthy at the workplace.

1. Physical exercise keeps the brain running

When you run, your muscles are all engaged and that is what keeps them in their best shape. Well, one muscle that also benefits from exercise is the brain.

Muscles benefit from running due to the increased blood flow and the inflow of oxygen, and the brain utilises these stimuli the same way.

Hence, exercising the limbs is just as important to keep the brain functioning well and thereby performing well at work. With the brain moving quickly, one can get difficult tasks done quickly and steer through loads of work very efficiently.

2. The diet decides how quick one is

Workaholics always skip lunches saying that wastes time that could be utilised to work. But this can backfire easily.

When the body does not get enough glucose and protein, it slows down and does not perform well since the function of the brain slows down when it undergoes a lack of sugar and protein.

This slows down mental activity and makes it harder for an individual to think clearly and perform well in difficult tasks, making it hard for one to work well.

3. Good chemicals

Physical activity triggers the release of several chemicals in the brain, one of which is endorphins. These good chemicals make a person more energetic, more positive, and that in turn helps speed up and encourage productivity of an individual.

Those who work out on the regular always have a well-balanced hormone composition in the body which keeps them performing better in all activities.

4. Less yawning

Workaholics keep going even when they are exhausted and sleepy. This is not good for productivity or health, but they just cannot get out of this vicious cycle.

The fact about a balanced lifestyle is that one has more energy, both mental and physical, which means that a workaholic is less exhausted and more pumped and alert, and thereby ready to get more work done.

Exercise also helps one think better since it allows for what is called ‘brain flexibility’ which is the ability to switch from one train of thought to another, and make connections and spot links quickly.

5. Reduced absenteeism

With a fresh outlook, high mental activity, and improved overall health, absenteeism goes down among all employees across companies.

The biggest cause for general discomfort and people falling ill is stress that makes the body slow and lethargic, it reduces productivity and makes performance in all aspects of life cumbersome.

If this problem is met at the source, it can be avoided altogether. With workaholics channeling their passion and commitment into working out, they can make sure they see the results in their work as well.

Being healthy does not require outrageous changes in one’s lifestyle, all with a new wardrobe to sweat in and tired eyes through the day. It requires being alert to the small things which make a big difference collectively.

Some common tips to follow for the workaholics with desk jobs would be:

  1. Reduce and limit the consumption of alcohol
  2. Quit smoking
  3. Start taking the stairs, at least a few times
  4. Skip the junk and try to snack on healthier option
  5. Do simple stretching after every hour at the desk
  6. Maintain a healthy weight and don’t try to lose or put on too much weight at once

A new trend that is taking over is high work desks which are at level with one’s torso, so individuals have to stand and work at them instead of sitting down which is notorious for ruining posture. Platforms like Docprime healthcare can help deal with issues that crop up on an everyday basic and ensure one’s health.

Simple changes in daily habits like this can make a huge difference in the health of a person. It requires an active effort and a desire to see a wholesome improvement in one’s life to see this happening.

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Sienna Baxter works as an electrical safety officer and shares her knowledge online through her articles to keep people safe.