5 Places to Have Your First Corporate Event

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5 Places to Have Your First Corporate Event

So you’re planning a corporate event. One of the first big decisions you’ll have to make is where to hold it. Sure, you could gather everyone in the office if there’s room, but that’s nowhere near as fun as booking a dedicated venue.

Getting your team and potentially your clientele out of the office setting and into a more social environment can help set the stage for a more productive, more social event. But what is the right place to hold your function. Here are five great suggestions that might fit the bill.

1. At a Trendy Workspace

Maybe your business is distributed, or you want to have a meeting in a businesslike setting but you still want a change of scenery. You can look into whether another business in town might allow you to rent their space for part of the day. You know, the kind of office with beanbag chairs, pool tables and kitchenettes. Make sure the venue will be clean and ready for your team to enjoy, of course.

2. A Nice Restaurant

Who doesn’t feel more comfortable with a cold drink or a nice plate of appetizers in front of them? Restaurants and bars make great venues for work events, and you won’t have any trouble getting people to attend if they know the prospect of a free meal or sip comes along with it. This is a good route to go if it’s an internal meeting to review quarterly accomplishments or share new company strategy plans.

3. At a Sporting Event

This won’t work for every type of corporate event, but if you want to show the team a good time after hitting all of their sales goals a baseball, football or basketball game makes for a good time. Yes, you’ll run the risk of spending more money than you might taking the crew out for dinner, but it makes a nice statement that the company is willing to splurge a little on employees for a job well done. Also worth noting, this is the kind of venue choice that might resonate with your office more than others. If it shows that you know your people, it will be appreciated. If they’re not sports fans, you might be better off investing in something else.

4. A Local Country Club

Clubs offer a nice change of scenery and enough room for everyone. There’s a certain air of professionalism that surrounds these venues, and they’re always well-appointed to host this type of event. The club will appreciate the exposure it gets from your team, which could lead to a good deal.

5. A Local Park

Who says the venue for your event has to be indoors? If the weather’s nice, why not get outside and enjoy some fresh air. Local parks or even the beach can make an excellent spot for a company function. Maybe people can bring their kids out to enjoy some time in the water, or for a more organized professional setting, choose a park with tables or gazebos that you can use to host workshops without the dreary office feel.

Avoid the temptation to have a corporate event at your home. It sounds cheap but can lead to awkward situations and even security risks, you don’t want that. Besides, there are so many good options, these are broad categories and remember what we said about knowing your employees. The best venue is really one that demonstrates how well you know them. It doesn’t have to be costly or lavish, but it should reflect who you are as a company. Have a great event!

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