5 online self-improvement sources for entrepreneurs

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Most of the headlines surrounding self-made businesspeople who have achieved success focus on their financial wherewithal.

And while making mountains of money might blow some people’s minds, the simple drive to be the best version of yourself possible is more of a motivator for many who achieve enterprising excellence.

By being open-minded, seeking information from a wide variety of diverse sources and learning from great minds who have gone before them, the brains behind great businesses expand exponentially.

A lifelong thirst for knowledge can propel you along this rarefied path – so with that in mind, here are five online self-improvement sources for entrepreneurs.

1. Khan Academy

MOOCs (Massive Online Learning Courses) have been around for a few years, and the quality of these free educational oracles varies widely.

But Khan Academy courses cover useful vocational subjects like computing, science and engineering, economics and finance and arts and humanities while maintaining reasonable standards.

If you want to top up your knowledge and prep for official tests, this is a useful resource.

2. The School of Life

Some of the most useful and universal insights to the human condition can be garnered from the pages of literary fiction and the musings of renowned philosophers and psychologists.

The School of Life has gathered centuries of this dynamic data together in a rolling online resource called The Book of Life and regular in-person courses designed to improve emotional intelligence. If you want to be a progressive business leader, this is your first stop.

3. LinkedIn Learning

When it comes to B2B business, LinkedIn is a peerless social media platform because it makes marketing segmentation according to sectors and seniority so simple.

And the LinkedIn Learning service ensures you capitalize on the opportunity to tap into the best of today’s thought leadership, with courses and lessons from prominent industry figures designed to advance your career.

4. Google Academy

Google’s position as the world’s most prominent search engine looks safe for the foreseeable future, so any businessperson looking to make the web work for them should pay close attention to their best practice advice.

The Google Academy has free courses on essential digital topics like analytics and ads, which allow you to learn how to use their tools proficiently, stay on top of the latest developments and ensure your website is tweaked for success.

5. Anglia Ruskin Distance Learning

A formal education isn’t a prerequisite for business success, but higher education that fits flexibly with your work and family commitments while enhancing your enterprising savvy can certainly be worthwhile.

Online educators like Anglia Ruskin Distance Learning offer courses like MBAs which are popular with people who want to work for themselves, because they offer a firm foundation of knowledge that’s perfect for making startup founders feel more confident and assured.

If you’ve got your eye on becoming a mogul, this magnificent list of five online self-improvement sources should prove motivational.

Do you have learning tips for new businesspeople? Share them in the comments section.

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