5 Most Common Myths about Breast Implants

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It comes as no surprise that breast augmentation surgery is one of the most popular cosmetic surgical procedures in the world. However, with the growing popularity, the number of myths and misconceptions are also increasing. These myths are not only untrue, but they have also made it hard to differentiate between fact and fiction. The main question is, how can you tell the truth from fiction? Below in this article, we have put together a few of the most common myths about breasts enhancement surgery and debunked them. To learn about them, continue reading!

Augmented Breasts Always Look Fake

There is no denying that augmented breasts can look fake, but the evolved techniques have made it possible to achieve completely natural-looking bust. Today, nobody can actually tell the difference between natural and augmented breasts. The advancement in breast implant surgery has allowed patients to get breasts enhancement according to their specific requirements. Individuals have a wide variety of shape, size, and projection options to make sure they achieve the look they wanted to. You can find out more about breast implants from the surgeons and people who have undergone this surgery.

Women Only Get Implants to Make their Boobs Look Bigger

When it comes to getting breasts implants, it isn’t necessary what women always get them to make their boobs look bigger and bustier. Yes, that is one reason, but there are so many reasons that most people are not aware of. For example, many women have naturally asymmetric breasts, which is sometimes very visible. So, to improve the symmetry of their breast shape, they choose to get implants. Similarly, many women want to fill out their clothing better, feel more confident, and want to gain back their femininity after mastectomy. There are so many ways breasts implants help people.

Women Can’t Breastfeed after Getting Implants

This is probably the biggest concern of everyone. Most women think that if they get these implants, they won’t be able to feed their children, which is not true at all. Just because you are undergoing breast augmentation surgery doesn’t mean you will have to give up breastfeeding later. In fact, augmentation techniques may make breastfeeding more comfortable than others. If you are thinking of getting this procedure done, make sure to tell your surgeon about your breastfeeding requirements during your consultation.

Silicone Isn’t a Safe Option

Many people think that silicone implants are not a safe option. It turns out that it is incredibly safe. Silicone implants were a controversial topic decades ago, but these modern implants are completely different and much better than decades-old versions. In fact, you should know that silicone implants are one of the most tested medical things in the entire history of medicine. Today, every new kind of implants first go through extensive safety research, then make it to the market.

Breasts Implants Means More Chances of Breast Cancer

Another misconception about the implants. Many people believe that if they get breasts enhancement surgery, they are putting themselves at additional risk of cancer. Fortunately, it is directly the opposite. It is because women who get breast enhancement surgery usually have smaller boobs and smaller breasts have fewer chances to develop breast cancer. Plus breast implants and breast cancer are not linked to each other whatsoever.

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