5 Most Common Money Mistakes While Traveling Abroad

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5 Most Common Money Mistakes While Traveling Abroad

We all want to go on a vacation, visit beautiful beaches, go on endless shopping, eat delicious foods, have fun activities and a lot more. We want the best for our lives since we only live once. Some can spend so much money just to go and visit the countries they want. However, most of us need to travel within our means to avoid outspending our savings.

There is always a way to plan a value for money which can give you a great experience and happy memories. Let us figure out what we can do to save cost while traveling abroad.

Booking a rental house.

The very first thing that comes in our mind after we chose a destination is hotel bookings. We always love hotels. We love it because we always find comfort, security and sometimes a magnificent view nearby. Not to mention the amenities to make every dollar worth it.

And if you will be traveling as a family, you can do all this and so much at a lower cost. The smarter way to visit abroad is booking a rental apartment. There are few websites that are well known like Airbnb and HomeAway which offer too many great options. These can give you the freedom to pick the right one for your family.

Aside from great deals, hosts are extremely welcoming and would be happy to help you with any local assistance you need. And speaking of local you might want to feel their local style too.

Spending so much money for food.

We love food. Everybody loves food. Your vacation is the ideal time to eat the mouthwatering food that you have not ever encounter. Yes, I think it is always the best time to discover foods around the world. Sometimes it is funny because we tend to forget our diet routines. However, instead of spending too much money on each meal, try to be selective. It is hard to carry food while traveling.

Pack some dry snacks, chocolate bars, and dry fruits before you head out for a long day. This will serve as your energizer. Make it a point that you do not miss your complimentary breakfast.

On the other hand, when it comes to children, make sure you make a trip to local supermarkets and stock up your room with milk, biscuits, fruits and other food they want. This will save you a visit to the restaurant every time they are starving.

Making the most of free activities.

Almost all countries offer activities you will enjoy without paying much or anything at all. Singapore had loads of free and fun things to do. Also, in London, you can always visit various Museums such as the British Museum, Museum of London, National Maritime Museum and Natural History Museum for free. Another is in Sydney, you can make unforgettable free trips to Royal Botanic Gardens and Art Gallery. Don’t ever feel shy about joining those free walking tours because they are the perfect chance to see the local culture and make new friends too.

Maximizing credit card benefits.

Everyone knows that the more you spend time using a credit card is more rewards you can earn. If you want to maximize these rewards, carry a couple of cards that may oversized rewards on stuff you buy the most. Likewise, you can call your credit card company for your refresher if you will be traveling out of the country. Another is dug deep in bonus categories, you might want to get some while abroad.

If you are not comfortable using credit cards abroad, then you can bring extra money by getting an instant loan from cash mart licensed money lender.

Traveling smartly.

Singapore has a very efficient public transit system. Unfortunately, not all cities across the world are as well planned. In Southeast Asia, try two-wheelers, like using Go-Jek in Indonesia which is a ride-hailing motorcycle to avoid getting stuck in the traffic.

In Europe, renting a bike is the best and it is also the cheapest option for you and your children. It makes sense to buy an Oyster card which is a travel card to cost-efficiently use your public transport. One last thing, make sure to research about train or bus passes and bike rental services before you land in the country to ensure you have enough money from the moment you are there.


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