5 Latest Trends in Web App Development

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The web app development sphere is always evolving. New technologies and trends are being constantly added. So if you need to develop new applications or have existing applications, it is important to keep up with these latest trends. Here are 5 trends in web application development that are quite hot.

1. JavaScript is Going to Become More Important

JavaScript (JS) continues to play a central role in web app development even after so many. Many other platforms came and went away, but JavaScript stayed here. The platform has evolved over the years and with recent frameworks, its capabilities have placed endless potential in developers’ hands. So when you invest in applications developed on JavaScript, you will be looking at long-term viability of the platform. It has a more active community which means access to open-source libraries, documentation, and components in the long term.

2. Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence

It has become much simpler and cost effective to add machine learning to web applications. This has especially been made possible with the creation of JS based machine learning libraries like Tensorflow.js and brain.js. And with the help of Firebase and ML Kit predictions it is now possible to integrate AI into applications to boost UX. Thus, machine learning and AI are going to play an even more important role in web application development and may provide options for the cheapest way to make a website besides providing other benefits.

3. Accelerated Mobile Pages

Google launched its Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) project a few years ago. It continues to gain importance in web application development. This open-source project can help your webpages to load faster. It works by removing web pages of elements that slow them down. This also means removing scripts. The result is improvement in site visibility in SERPs and UX.

AMP benefits your web applications in the following ways:

  • Faster Page Load Speeds: Average web pages considered to deliver optimal user experience take 3 seconds to load. AMP pages can load within half a second. It has been found that once a website moves to AMP, its bounce rates are reduced and conversions get increased.
  • Improved Server Performance: AMP is the perfect option for sites that receive high volume of traffic. There is reduced load on the server and improved performance.
  • Better Mobile Search Ranking: More convenience and faster load speeds translate into better mobile search rankings. So if you are serious about your pages ranking higher, you should consider AMP support.

4. Voice Search Optimization

Search engine optimization will continue to be an important driving force in getting your pages ranked. But it is going to evolve with new branches. Voice search optimization is going to be one of these new forms. Voice search continues to grow at a staggering rate while conventional search is also strong. Studies show that more users are interested in speaking to assistants than typing.

  • Voice search technology allows people to search by asking questions
  • Voice commerce allows people to search for products and even complete orders at a faster speed
  • Google and other search engines empathize sites optimized for voice search
  • Voice search optimized pages rank higher and help you generate more leads and conversions

There is better user experience and increase in traffic.

5. Focus on Fringe Technologies

The adoption of fringe technologies is another new trend in web application development. Examples of such technologies include Typescript and GraphQL.

  • Typescript allows adding strong types of JS
  • GraphQL is a type-based query language
  • Development becomes easier
  • It is possible to achieve optimized and scalable results

There are many more new developments in the web app development sphere. Examples include the increased emphasis on serverless architecture, increased use of JAMstack and progressive web apps, more emphasis on cyber security, GDPR, Biometric security, business-driven approach to web design, and much more. Thus, application development is undergoing dramatic changes and it is important to embrace these technologies and trends to get ahead of the competition.

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Samantha Acuna is a writer based in San Francisco, CA. Her work has been featured in The Huffington Post, Entrepreneur.com, and Yahoo Small Business.