5 Creative Ways to Increase Your Brand Awareness

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You want your company to stand out and become successful in its domain? Well, if there is anything you need apart from a great line of products/services and reliable staff, it is exceptional branding.

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Branding allows your company to build trust, reflect your business ideology and ethics, and reach the masses in a simple and effective manner. However, just creating a brand isn’t enough. You need to work on brand awareness too.

What is brand awareness? How to go about it?

Just like a quality product won’t sell on its own unless the people don’t know what’s it about and why it’s better, a brand won’t stand out from the competition unless awareness is spread about the same.

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The following are 5 of the most creative ways to boost your brand awareness and brand recognition:

1. Hold an Event

It’s easy to grab the attention of the target customers and even potential business partners when you have something to offer that’s beneficial to them.

For instance, if you a website development firm, then you can organize a webinar, or rather a series of webinars in which you share some of the techniques for website design that make it SEO-friendly, or tutorials on the various technologies that are used in website development.

If yours is a local business, then you can also host a workshop where you can show your expertise and connect with the people in person. This way your brand can be promoted seamlessly.

2. Delve Into Video Marketing

So many brands are solely focused on the static content i.e. websites, blogs, eBooks, etc. However, there is a massive potential in video content as it has the highest retention rate of all, and it also allows you to showcase your brand in the most direct and audio-visual format.

There are a number of platforms where you can push your brand awareness through interesting, informative, and interactive videos including Facebook, Instagram, and of course- YouTube.

3. Focus on Customer Service

A really organic and natural way to improve brand recognition is to focus on the quality of customer service provided by you. This because is word of mouth marketing is the most important social media.

According to Nielsen, a whopping 84% of the consumers are greatly influenced by the information shared by their friend and family when making purchases. So, if your brand is offering an exceptional customer service, more and more customers would want to share positive feedback with their loved ones. This way you can a reach a wider audience while bolstering your brand image at the same time.

4. Work on the Logo

One of the most effective and powerful branding strategies for small business is to have a unique and catchy logo that’s immediately registered in the minds of its target customer base.

Even you don’t have a logo yet, then it should be one of your priorities to get one. You don’t even have to give an arm and leg to get one or spend weeks in anticipation. There are advanced logo designs tools available on the Internet that you can access right now and create a quality logo in minutes.

Even if you do have a logo, it’s a good idea to examine it carefully. Does it look professional? Does it aptly convey your brand message? Is it unique enough? If the answer to any of these questions in the negative, then you should rework the logo.

Remember- your company logo is the most important visual element that your customers will identify with. So, leave no stone unturned in getting it right.

5. Develop an Emotional Connection

In the effort towards becoming big, many brands end up becoming too “corporate” or “business-oriented”. However, retaining a human touch is critical to every brand’s success. The reason behind this is simple- how a brand makes an individual feel plays a big role in who they decide to stick with.

If a person sees that a brand is socially-responsible, cares about its employees and the customers, then they are likely to feel positive about the same.

There are various ways you can connect with your audience emotionally. For starters, you can work on email personalization, which can make your customers feel special and respected. You can also run small projects that show that you care about your environment- such as the use of green energy, recycling, etc. Things like these can greatly help with your brand recognition and positive promotion.

Boosting your brand awareness doesn’t have to be hard. With a well-planned and focused approach, you can establish yourself as a premium company and stand out from the generic. You just need to draft a game-plan and act on it ASAP. Good luck!