5 Best Apps For Startup Success

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Startup Apps

Starting your own business can sometimes seem like an impossible task, but luckily for today’s entrepreneurs, there are a host of amazing apps out there that can make molehills out of mountains when it comes to starting and running your business. Utilizing resources like these can help free up your most precious commodity – your time and the time of your employees and team. With that in mind, here are five apps that can help your budding business become a success:

ElevatrSitting down to write out your business plan may seem like a daunting task, but Elevatr takes that task and strips it to its core. Starting with “The Idea” and working through to “Execution,” this app makes you get inside your own head and present your plan in a concise, easy-to-understand form. In order to make sure you know exactly what you’re doing, the app even has you write an “Elevatr pitch,” explaining your idea in under 140 characters.

30/30This app is an organizer’s dream! Simply set up your list with a set of tasks and assign each one a time limit. Hit start, and your list begins counting down. When your first task’s time runs out, 30/30 lets you know and moves right on the next one. If you need a bit more time or get finished early, you can add time, subtract time, or mark a task done all from the easy-to-use interface. When you hit the bottom of your list, 30/30 starts over from the beginning, making it easy to track things like intermittent breaks during the workday.

GroupMeDo you ever find yourself searching through days of Skype chat or scouring personal text logs to find something work-related that you forgot? Does getting your team on the same page at the same time seem to take more effort than it’s worth? Well, GroupMe is aiming to change that with their easy-to-use chatrooms. Simply create a chatroom and invite people to it. Individuals can participate in the chatroom through SMS right from their phone, even if they’ve never heard of the app! GroupMe also works across all platforms, so Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Blackberry and Windows Phone users can all participate in the same chat rooms!

OlarkWhen it comes to support, nothing beats instant communication. Olark lets customers connect to you in real time, and connects to the instant messaging programs you’re already using so that you have one less window to keep open. It can even connect with a mobile IM client and chat with potential customers right on your phone! Not available to chat? No problem! Olark can turn itself into a contact form or even disappear when no operators are online!

AnyMeetingIn the realm of online meetings, AnyMeeting has all the bases covered. This robust app lets you share your screen (or even just share a single program,) upload PDF and PowerPoint files for everyone to use, utilize video and auto conferencing, and much more. You can even log in from a tablet to make sure you stay informed on the go! One-button recording means that you can easily save your meeting or webinar to share with anyone. Set up a meeting with up to 200 attendees for free with ads, or you can sign up for a monthly account to eliminate the ads.

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