5 Benefits of Hiding Your IP Address

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There are many reasons to hide your IP address. It provides you security and keeps your system/mobile device and data protected. There are many more benefits of hiding your IP. Before you may want to explore these benefits, you should know How to find your IP address. It is a pretty simple process.

Find out the different benefits of hiding your IP address.

1. Prevent Ad Network Tracking

This is a subtle but productive benefit in the long-term. Hiding your IP address can go a long way in preventing websites and ad networks from tracking your searches and other online activities. This helps avoid intrusive and disturbing ads that interfere with your online experience. This includes social media sites and search engines from keeping track of you.

In fact, this option is powerful that you can also hide your online activities from your ISP. Usually, Internet Service Providers are able to keep track of what you are doing online and there are no regulations that prevent them from doing so. This is not only an interference with your privacy, it also makes your data vulnerable. Thus, you are able to visit websites without having to reveal the information or your identity.

2. Stop the Government from Snooping

Most countries snoop on their citizens for security or other reasons. As long as you are not doing anything wrong, why should anyone be able to get access to all the data you are searching, viewing, or sending and receiving. Hiding your IP address protects your identity and prevents government surveillance on you.

Another way you can benefit is by getting access to websites that are prohibited in your country or region. Most governments will prevent their citizens from accessing certain websites for trivial reasons. These sites usually include video sharing or social media platforms. When you mask your IP address, you can open these sites, create accounts, and interact with your friends or family or view content that may not be possible otherwise.

3. Access Streaming Services

Most video streaming services are restrictive of which regions they serve. This includes:

  • Netflix
  • Amazon Prime
  • Hulu
  • HBO Now
  • Twitch

When you hide your IP address, you are able to get access to these services by hiding your location. You can sign-in from other regions and access the desired content. Similarly, many television channels also restrict their content to their specific countries. If you have favorite shows or sports matches, you can easily watch them by hiding your IP address.

4. Surf Safely on Public Networks

Hiding your IP gives you peace of mind when you surf the web on public Wi-Fi networks. You may have some of the most effective antimalware programs. Even such applications cannot be prepared for any future malware or hacking attempts that may be entirely new.

Public Wi-Fi networks are highly vulnerable and easily infiltrated by hackers. Hiding your IP protects your system, your identity, and your data from being hacked on such networks.

5. Get Around Local Network Restrictions

Whether at work or school, there are bound to be certain restrictions on which websites you can open on your systems. Usually, social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram and video sharing sites like YouTube are inaccessible on campuses and workplaces. Hiding your IP can help you get around this barrier. The ISP or your workplace IT department will not know what you may be doing on your system.

Thus, there are many benefits of hiding your IP address. This will require you to use a powerful VPN that protects your identity. There are many ways in which you can benefit from such a service.

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