5 Benefits of Choosing a Shared Hosting for Your Blog

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If you’re going to start a blog you must obviously be concerned about which type of hosting to go with. One of the best options you can go with is – shared hosting.

Wondering why?

Here are some reasons that play in favour of shared hosting for a blog:

1. Inexpensive

In case of shared hosting, multiple websites use the resources of a common server. That way the expenses are shared between several users.

Someone who is just starting a blog may not necessarily have a huge budget to spend on hosting alone. In that case, shared hosting serves the purpose well due to being not too expensive.

If you look at other hosting options such as VPS or dedicated hosting plan, then shared hosting is a much better choice pocket-wise.

2. Supplies with all the adequate resources

All the basic things that a blogger is supposed to have access to such as FTP accounts, database, e-mail accounts, traffic, disk space, and so many other service are covered in shared hosting. There is no need to for a dedicated server or virtual hosting. Those are typically extremely expensive and suitable for websites that are big on security front.

3. Adequate performance

Although the performance aspect of shared hosting is always in question due to all the resources being allocated among the users. Sometimes if a site is suddenly experiencing an increase in traffic that may consume a major chunk of resources and the same could hinder the performance of other websites. However, for a blog that houses posts and not so heavy images, a couple of episodes of downtimes should not cause any disruption in the performance. Even if you have posted heavy size images, the performance will be adequate for you to manage a blog.

4. Easy setup

Although dedicated web hosting is not required for small-scale websites especially a blog or a news website but if you compare the control section of this hosting (which is code-based) with that of shared hosting then by comparison, the latter is super easy to setup. It only takes a couple of seconds to setup the blog. Bloggers get access to cPanel which allows management of server. Additionally, if you have any concerns related to technical issues, you can always contact support.

5. Hassle-free maintenance

When it comes to shared hosting, the host takes care of the maintenance of both server and the hardware part. All the administration related work is done by the support team. This is the reason that shared hosting is a perfect option for those who don’t possess much technical knowledge or don’t have the manpower to run/manage a server.

6. Quality support

You may think that because shared web hosting is cheaper, you would not get quality support. One may think that VPS and dedicated hosting services come equipped with better technical support. However, that is not true at all.

The reason for that is that multiple website users are using common resources of a server. If something goes wrong with one website there is a high chance neighbouring websites will also be affected by it. Hosting companies cannot ignore this security aspect which is why they are big on customer support.

As a blogger, if you run into some technical issue and don’t know how to deal with it, then you can always rely on the support team to offer a quick resolution.

Final thoughts

Blogging websites by nature happen to be simple. Their functionality, navigation and layout are not too complicated unlike other websites that maintain huge databases and cannot afford any kind of security threat.

Shared web hosting is supposed to be ideal for small to mid-scale websites. Of course, it also depends on how reliable your hosting provider is, so it is better to check some web hosting reviews in order to get more insights before choosing one. But in general, for blogging it is particularly good.

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Samantha Acuna is a writer based in San Francisco, CA. Her work has been featured in The Huffington Post, Entrepreneur.com, and Yahoo Small Business.