Infographic: 5 B2B Marketing Statistics That Will Change Your Focus

The most important piece of your content marketing strategy is also built from the most difficult information to attain: success metrics.

Of course, you can read every article and take every marketing class, but ultimately the statistics your company generates are going to be specific to your organization. That said, analyzing larger trends is a useful way to understand your marketing strategies and to see how your efforts correspond with a majority (or minority) of other companies.

Have you really done enough research and do you have a large enough sample size to recognize if your company will be successful in its marketing initiatives? Perhaps you are on the fence about how to prioritize your marketing outlay and need some advice.

Here are a few B2B specific content marketing tips, taken from this list of useful content marketing statistics. They should give some insight into what marketing initiatives are the most successful at the moment and which are better left on the back burner.

H2: Make Email Campaigns Informational

According to the statistics, when supporting and developing an audience, close to 90% of B2B marketers use email campaigns and nearly 80% include educational content.

If you are not using e-blasts, or your content does not contain purely educational pieces, you might want to consider pivoting. Ask yourself, what can you offer your demographic that will educate them and connect them to your product or service?

H2: Use More Imagery

Over the past four years, more than half of B2B marketers have been increasing their use of imagery to support strategies. This includes video, infographics, photos, charts and other image content that you may think would be more suited to B2C related pieces. If you do not have people onsite or contracted who are specifically working on visual content you may be missing out on engagement.

H2: Aim Content at Retaining Current Customers

While just 54% of content marketers focus strategies on building loyalty and consumer retention, this is actually the best way to spend marketing time and energy.

It is exponentially more expensive to woo a new customer than it is to keep the customers you have. Just as you might offer deals and services to new customers, it’s crucial to prevent churn by making sure your current customers are continually engaged.

H2: Engage With Your Clients on Social

Over 60% of companies in the B2B sphere took 2019 to assess and bolster their social media campaigns. Clients now expect an active presence on the major platforms and connecting with them via social is a great way to provide outreach, to stay relevant, and to engage with clients. If you do not have a dedicated team working on social media for your company, you may be losing clients to those that do.

A connection to be drawn here is that B2B marketing is becoming increasingly similar to B2C strategies. Because clients live in a plugged-in world that is constantly marketing products to them, they have come to expect this kind of interaction and availability from every type of vendor or business relationship.

Clearly, these business clients are beginning to expect the same kinds of engagement, connection, and content that end customers would receive and if you are not providing that, you might want to consider why that is and how you can improve on your model.

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