5 Apps To Help You Unwind

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It’s no secret that stress and anxiety tend to go hand in hand when running a small business, especially in today’s economic conditions. The problem, though, is that high levels of stress only help perpetuate a vicious cycle where your stress impacts your work, making you more stressed and on and on and on.

Luckily, almost all of us have a device with us at all times that can help – our smartphones. Instead of using your free time during the day to squeeze in a quick Twitter conversation or a game of Flappy Bird, why not focus on apps that will help you manage your stress levels and relax? Not sure where to start? Try a few of these:

When you’re stuck behind a desk, it can be hard to find time to do something that will help you unwind and get to a nice, calm place. One thing that’s easy to do, however, is breathing exercises. This app will walk you through a number of exercises designed to reduce stress, help stabilize your mood and melt away anger and anxiety.

If you’re like me, background noise has a big impact on your ability to focus and get work done. This leads to late projects or late hours, and your stress levels go through the roof. Luckily, Soundrown can help eliminate those outside influences. Choose from ten different white noise effects to drown out the noise around you, or combine any number of them to form your perfect “escape” music. With distractions taken care of, you can buckle down and take care of your work.

Gratitude Journal
This app can help you shed stress in two ways – first, by writing things down. Getting thoughts out of your head and on to paper is always a great way to find some extra calm during the day. The second way involves the app’s main purpose, which is to have you write down the things that you’re grateful for each day, and then keep a bulleted list to help remind you of what you wrote down. So, not only will you be thinking about all the positive things that happened today, you’ll be able to see a synopsis of the good things that have happened in the past.

Stress Check
This handy little app has you answer some questions about what’s going on in your life and then assigns you a “stress score” based on your answers. It then gives you your results and includes some suggestions of ways to reduce your stress levels. You can even track your results over time, and see if you’re managing to reduce your stress, and to help identify long-term problem areas.

Real Life
This app comes pre-installed on every phone and tablet. To access it, hold down the power button until your device is off, put it down, and go outside. When we spend all of our day tethered to technology, one of the easiest ways to de-stress can be to turn it all off and simply enjoy the real world. Take a walk, fall asleep in a hammock, take a trip to a park or museum – whatever you do, make sure it involves stepping away from the screen, even if it’s only for a little while.

What apps or activities do you use to unwind? Share your secrets in the comments below.

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