5 Apps Perfect For Team Collaboration

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The business world has changed a lot over the past few decades, and one of the biggest changes has been the ability for employees and teams to communicate and collaborate from pretty much anywhere. Having the necessary tools to stay in the loop on your tablet or smartphone is a must these days, and luckily there are a host of apps that help you do just that. So, if you’ve been looking for the perfect tool to keep your coworkers and employees on the same page, check out some of these great apps:

AgileZen is a “lean” project management solution that lets you track every aspect of your projects and communicate effortlessly with your team when tasks are ready or have issues that need resolving. Organize your projects using tags or color-coding, set notifications up to automatically be sent via email or instant message, and use project metrics to figure out where your teams can improve. AgileZen also integrates with other chat clients and development tools to streamline the collaboration process even further.

Yammer is a great way to keep your team in constant communication using a style that everyone is familiar with. Labeled the “enterprise social network,” Yammer takes a Facebook-like approach to collaboration, letting you join groups, post to project walls, share documents, pictures and files with ease, and keep everyone in the loop effortlessly. Tag coworkers with @ messages to make sure they’re on the same page as you, and keep up to date on your computer or go mobile with your tablet or smartphone using Yammer’s mobile app.

Join.me is an excellent solution for on-the-go videoconferencing. It’s easy to set up or join a meeting, and once you’re in you can share your screen, chat and even share files quickly and easily. Using the free version of Join.me, employees or clients can even join your meeting on their Apple or Android smartphone. With the pro version, up to 250 people can participate in your meeting, and you can record it to use as a reference later. You can even host a meeting using your iPad.

CampfireNow takes the hassle of communicating over instant messaging services and simplifies it. Create a chatroom online and invite clients, coworkers, vendors or any combination of the three to join and contribute to the conversation. Since the entire thing is web-based, there’s no time spent waiting for everyone to download and install programs or set up accounts. If you want to, however, you can download the iPhone app that makes participating on your phone even easier.

Samepage lets you create a page to keep track of just about anything. Once created, the page can be shared, rearranged, organized, added to, and commented on by anyone, leaving you with one central place where anything you could want to know about a project can be found. Add documents, photo galleries, spreadsheets and more while eliminating the need to have four or five different programs open to keep up with the information flow.

These are just a few of the many programs out there that can help you stay organized and up to date with everything your business is doing. Do you have a favorite that isn’t on this list? Share it with us in the comments below, we’d love to hear about it!

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