4 Ways to Prevent Cybercrime

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Have you ever come across cybercrime? It’s basically when criminal activities are carried out via computers or the internet. There is so much to lose when it comes to cybercrime, such as your company’s marketing plans, financial records, business plans, product designs, and much more. In order to prevent cybercrime, cybersecurity needs to be put in place, which helps to protect your computer devices from theft, damage, and hackers. In today’s article, we’ve provided 4 ways to prevent cybercrime. Note that cybersecurity for small business is just as important for a big one.

Educate Staff on Cyber Threats

What is better than education? It’s through education that we become enlightened and insightful. The first step you should take to protect your small business is to educate your staff and yourself about ways to prevent cybercrime. You can educate them on why strong passwords are important, how to identify a suspicious phone call or email, phishing, and more. Remember that you can only prevent something from happening if you are yourself aware of how it happens. Team members should work together and discuss anything that seems amiss so that the possibility of a threat is minimized.

Use Secure Internet Connection

Another very important point to remember is to use a secure internet connection. This greatly helps to avoid hackers from intercepting your connection. Therefore, use a secure Wi-Fi connection. This can be easily done if your workplace has its own personal Wi-Fi connection. Take it a step further and use a firewall for your internet connection for added protection. Make sure you’re not using internet connections that belong to open Wi-Fi networks like cafes and all. Furthermore, invest in a good VPN. A VPN creates a secure connection between the internet and your computer. It also keeps you invisible to hackers.

Keep All Software Updated

Did you know that one of the most well-known methods by which hackers gain entry into your computer is via code defects? These code defects or exploits take place when software is not regularly updated. Therefore always make sure to regularly update software in all computers. Furthermore, make sure to invest in anti-virus, malware and spy detection software. This will provide your business with an additional veneer of protection. Another way to protect yourself is to make sure that data is backed-up. You can even invest in DaaS where all your company’s important data will be saved on a virtual cloud.

Secure Hardware

Hardware theft is the theft of computers or computer-related equipment. If you have a workplace, make sure you install cameras to be your eyes when you are not around. An alarm system will help in this case too. If you wish for added security, you can even physically lock down computers and servers. You can add a limit to what employees can download when they are using work computers as well. There should also be certain sites that employees should not be able to open. Make sure that certain web pages of the company are secure so that employees don’t have the ability to open them at home or on their cell phones and other electronic gadgets.