4 Types of Videos Every Business Needs on Its Website

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    With so many years of advancements in technology, we have come so far to make a mini-computer: the cellphone. Cellphones have allowed people to do so many things they could never do before, like watch videos whenever and wherever they are. The average person spends about 3 hours and 15 minutes on their phone a day. It’s no wonder why businesses now display videos on their websites to get the attention of people. If you really wish to get more customers and grow your business then you should consider putting personalized videos on your website.

    The question then arises to which video you should put up to really stimulate the right customers to come after your product. There are so many videos that a business can choose to display on their website, but some are just better than others. In the article today, we are going to look at 4 videos that every business should have on their webpage to get the customers they need.

    Testimonial Videos

    When we wish to purchase something, we first seek advice and guidance on it? Don’t we ask other people for their opinion on the product to better gauge if it’s something we’re looking for? Yes, we do! We all do. This is why you should definitely include a testimonial video on your website. Get a few customers that have used your product or service to speak about it on a video and put it up on your website. This increases the confidence of viewers in buying your product.

    Product Demonstration Videos

    This video is just a simple tutorial about your product. One of the biggest advantages of such a video is that it saves time. Before the advent of video tutorials, we had to rely on lengthy manuals to guide us on how to use and understand the product we purchased. Now, with just a click of a button, we can amass all the information we need in a video, with the ability to pause rewind and forward as per our needs. Furthermore, you will even get to see what the product and its packaging look like to know what you should expect when you purchase it.

    Put Videos on Social Media

    Putting up all of the most important videos of your website on social media is a great way to get more traffic to your webpage, more followers and thereby customers. In a world that is dominated by social media apps like Facebook, Instagram, etc. and with about 3 billion people using it today, you are sure to get many customers from all over the world. Needless to say, social media allows us to share videos and other contents very easily with family and friends, so this further facilitates the task.

    Team or Company Videos

    This is a video that gives a general outline of the company, what it functions to do, and an introduction with the main team players of the company. With such a video you are apprised about the company and their main goals and the products they provide. You also get to know a little bit more about key members of the company. This allows you to get familiar with what type of personalities or people work for the company.

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