4 Strategies for Living the Self-Employed Dream

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Why did you want to work for yourself? Chances are the main driving force, besides money, is the freedom motivator. The ability to choose your own path in life and do the work you really want to do. Freedom isn’t just about being able to do what you want, whenever you want. It’s also the ability to be fluid and mobile.

People go into business for themselves so they can “live the dream.” To many living the dream means less work, more money and enjoying the fruits of your labors. It means having more family and leisure time. It’s setting up your life so you’re able to get out and do what you really want as often as possible.

These are the same patterns that keep you from enjoying the most desirable benefit of working for yourself…

Is this you? Does this describe what you want? Let’s take a look at how your work style is promoting or hindering this desire.

It’s no easy ride to create your own business and wealth. It takes work and lots of it. This fact alone may seem like a contradiction to living the dream. What I’ve found, however, is that the problem isn’t with the work load, but rather how it’s managed and executed.


People tend to stick to what they know. When you’re branching out on your own, that translates to most people sticking to the same modes of operation they’ve learned “on the job.” These are the same patterns that keep you from enjoying the most desirable benefit of working for yourself.

In a world of cloud computing, mobile devices and mini-laptops, it’s hard to imagine being tethered to a fixed location. However, that’s exactly how some of us still approach our work load. Being tethered to one device or location can severely limit our flexibility and cause us to needlessly lose time. With the demands on our time constantly increasing, who can really afford to waste any of it?

In the vein of productivity, I’m going to share my three main strategies to keeping it fluid. These strategies help me stay mobile and allow me the freedom to work when I want, where I want – no matter what else is going on in my life.


Strategize Your Time
Sometimes it’s quite possible to kill two birds with one stone. You should always be on the look out for moments where you can maximize your time. In line? Catch up on your emails through your mobile phone. Driving in the car? Listen to a motivational audio tape or record your thoughts for an upcoming product or meeting. Need to be around your family more? Use a laptop and do “busy work” such as checking in on social media sites or answering emails in the same room so you can stay connected.

Work Anywhere, Anytime
Inspiration can strike at any time. Are you able to leverage that motivation into something tangible? Many bloggers keep voice recorders, video cameras or a mobile computing device with them at all times. This ensures that no matter where you are, your ideas are never wasted, forgotten or even diluted.

Access to Everything, Everywhere
If your files are located on your hard drive and there’s no way to access them from another device, you’re stuck to working in one place. I’m pretty sure this isn’t your idea of “living the dream.” There are quite a few applications that allow access to documents via multiple devices, such as Google Drive and Evernote. Using these types of services gives you the freedom to work anywhere you want, whether you’re using a computer, tablet or smartphone.

Flexible Living
Once you have the technical side of these strategies down, it’s important to remember that flexibility is also a mindset. Don’t use work as an excuse to not partake in the joys of life. Say “yes” and then figure out a strategy to make it happen. Remember, necessity is the mother of all invention! If you force yourself out of the box, even if you’re not quite making the wealth you want, you can still live with the freedom you desire.